Dessert Review: Caffé Chino

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I’ve always wanted to visit a Kawaii themed cafe before I head over to Tokyo next year (yes, it’s actually happening you guys!) so when Dan and I went to Birmingham we happened to pass by Caffé Chino in the Chinatown district and it looked soo cute we had to try it!!

The deco was all light pastels; blue pink and yellow. The walls were decorated like a cute little vintage shop with mirrors with over exaggerated frame, as well as hanging lights that looked like bird cages. In the middle of the cafe they were selling every Japanese snack that you could imagine!! The cafe is tiny in size but so so cute!! I wished I took more images of the cafe itself but my camera creates stares and drawing attention to myself was not on my to-do list that day.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger cafe chinorhidixonblog lifestyle blogger cafe chinorhidixonblog lifestyle blogger cafe chinorhidixonblog lifestyle blogger cafe chino

The cakes looked so sweeeeeeet!! All of them looked so pretty and feminine and edible it was a veyr very difficult decision to make. Again would’ve taken more images BUT big camera = an eyesore!! The best way to explain how pretty these cakes are is to make you imagine any scene in any anime that had cake in it.


This is EXACTLY what the cakes looked like!! They looked exactly as above. I’ve never seen such pretty cakes in my entire life. Choosing which cake I fancied was very difficult. Dan opted for that very well known Japanese cake which I cannot remember the NAME OF!!!! ARGHHH THIS IS INFURIATING BECAUSE IT’S VERY WELL KNOWN AND I CAN’T REMEMBER IT!! The only way I can describe it is that it’s very smooth looking to the eye and quite cheesy in terms of taste.

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger cafe chino

I opted for the marble cheesecake which seems to have a marble themed top to it. I think you already know that I’m going to say it’s delicious, I mean LOOK AT IT!! Doesn’t it look absolutely scrumptious?!

Will I visit again? Damn right I will! This cafe is one of my new favourite finds and I hope we open one in The Diff soon!!


You can see their menu here


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