Personal Post: June Edition

Hello there boys and girls!! I’m going to try and do a post like this on a monthly basis to keep you guys in some of loop with what’s going on personally in my life (apart from eating a lot, and buying tonnes and tonnes of Funko Pops) and where I see my career path heading.

So… I’ve bought myself a brand new Olympus Pen elp7 and it’s a beauty of a camera!! I’ve been wanting to buy one for a while but they were too expensive and they were discontinuing it. However they’ve decided to bring it back with a better quality lens for a cheaper price!! Amazing!! And with my John Lewis discount it’s even cheaper!!! Huzzah!!
And AND because I have a new Olympus ELP7 there is no excuse for me not to start vlogging!! I’ll be vlogging for Rogues Portal mainly but will be hopefully adding the videos to my own Youtube account as well as this blog!! I started filming yesterday and Cardiff’s Independent Comic book convention, however I’ve never edited film before so it’s going to be a very very long learning process!! The first video is going to be as amateurish as it gets but please bare with me!! I’ll also be doing a tone of Funko Pop unboxing videos but also still taking images and writing articles. I’ll keep you guys informed when the first vlog will come up!!

I feel like I have taken a back track this month in terms of blogging. Haven’t been really giving my A game to it which is really bad since I really want to make this into a career one day which was never going to be easy. I guess you could say I’m still trying to find my niche. I really want to get back into doing fashion blog but I’m not feeling ‘pretty’ and spending a tone of time trying to ‘look pretty’ for images just seems like time I could be spent doing something. Maybe I need to dedicate a day where I do focus on Fashion posts and outfits, I mean I don’t really have an excuse since the weather is amazing at the moment. My housemates have expressed interest in being more involved with the blog too and a few of my old University friends have expressed interest in collaborating which is really really exciting!!

As you can see I’ve been reviewing movies a lot recently and I’ve been really enjoying it! I’ve started going to the cinema more and watching more diverse range of films rather than just Asian films.

How am I feeling about my blog? A bit up and down. I know I need more structure with my blog for career purposes but, I love such a variety of things and shouldn’t be my blog? What do you guys think. I also feel my photography is starting to wilt, especially when it comes to images of travel and cafes and eateries. I think I’m becoming too self conscious of the stares I receive with my lump of a camera!! Hopefully my new little baby camera will make me feel more at ease to take images!!!

Comments/opinions are greatly greatly appreciated!!! Until next month!!


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