Dan’s 31st Birthday

Dan celebrated his 31st birthday today and to celebrate this joyous occasion we booked a weekend in Birmingham for a good ol’ shop.

Dan drove all there which went from a 2 hour drive to 5 thanks to a massive congestion. Of course we stopped halfway for some Burger King and Pappa John’s (we are such little piggy’s)! We arrive at our Travelodge which is situated in the clubbing area of Birmingham. Our room was adorable, a really cute powder blue!! We were slightly apprehensive since we were planning on doing a late night cinema date and didn’t fancy walking through all the drunken revelry but our nerves were not needed, but I shall explain that later!

Shopping was our main intention of this trip and we bought too much stuff!!! It was Dan’s first visit to Tokyo Toys, one of my favourite stores for anime and manga related items. It’s such a cute shop and we ended buying quite a bit in there.

Of course we visited many of the Geek establishments such as Nostalgia and Comics which focused mainly on DC items and of course comics!! I managed to find a Funko Pop that I’ve wanted for a while there but that’s a post for another time.

We also visited Forbidden Planet which was Amazing!!! It was so spacious and clean, it looked very similar to the Forbidden Planet in London!! It’s the first Forbidden Planet that I’ve been to that doesn’t stock any Disney Funko Pops!!

We couldn’t visit Birmingham without visiting John Lewis! Dan hasn’t been there and it’s completely different and modern compared to ours!

I really wanted to drag Dan to Handmade Burger Co which has the best burgers in Birmingham! They were amazing and delicious but we were so full afterwards! I added Brie to mine and it was soooo goooood!!!

For our cinema dates we went to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles which was a lot of fun!! I think you need to be a die hard turtle fan to really appreciate it! On the second date we went to see Warcraft which was bloody awesome!! I can’t recommend the film enough, it’s an easy storyline to follow and leaves you wanting more!!

We also went to Chinatown where we found this really Kawaii cafe but that is a post for another time.

We are already planning on returning not just for the Birmingham itself or its shops but for the people. Never have I met such lovely people in all of my life! Like I said above we were slightly nervous about walking through all the drunkeness but we had nothingness to worry about, there were no rowdiness or anything like that just everyone having a good time!!

We had such and awesome weekend!!


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