What I would tell my 16-19 year old self

I’ve been thinking a lot recently about my present circumstances. Been mulling over some regrets of yesteryear and wondering what I would done differently. I’ve been asking myself, if I could go back in time, what would I tell my 15-16 year old self? What should I have done during my Foundation year and what should I have most certainly done during my Uni days. I’m going to break it into three categories with a few points each. Breathe in, and lets begin…

14-16 year old self

  • Take up art – This is clearly where I went completely and utterly wrong in life. I truly and genuinely believe with my hard work ethic I could’ve been someone by now if I’d taken art, and languages thinking about it. A lot more doors would be open to me right now if I had taken languages.
  • Build your confidence – Kids are cruel and they were certainly cruel in my secondary school and it does knock your confidence. People are going to knock you down whatever age you are, but I would tell my younger self not to accept their BS at this age then maybe I would have the confidence to flip them the bird at this age.
  • Don’t worry about not having any friends – It was highlighted a few times to me that I was pretty unpopular in Secondary School, which turns out is completely fine since most of them are irrelevant now anyway and to be honest, my best friends don’t really start making an appearance until college. So, with this I would go back and tell my 15 year old self ‘don’t get upset if mam asks why you never get invited anywhere, you’ll make it up in University, so you enjoy your anime and don’t worry about it’.

18-19 year old self (Foundation Year)

  • Change your hairstyle – I wish I changed my hairstyle during Foundation Year because I now I’m not allowed to (dying the underneath isn’t even allowed) and looking back I look the same now as I did 10 years ago, which, quite frankly is utterly depressing. I would tell my 18 year old to dye her hair every shade and not to worry about what my eyebrows look like. This is definitely my biggest regrets, especially now.
  • Start blogging now – I didn’t know I would be a blogger at this age but maybe I should’ve looked into it, but how was young, careful me to know that this would be the path I take?
  • Learn to edit and create videos – could’ve been a vlogger by now…just saying.

I can safely say if I had made better decisions when I was younger it may have been very different circumstances but to be honest the biggest regret is the hair. I can take up art whenever or blog about it and I have my photography anyway. Languages I can pick and I speak two fluently but my hair…I will never get the chance back le sigh…

What would you have told your younger self?? Comment below!



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