Weekend in Wales

On the weekend Dan and I decided to take a trip to Brecon for a nice stroll and to see the waterfalls.

The sun was shining and the place was packed with tourists and families all with the same agenda; to have a nice time and to see some beautiful waterfalls.

We first went there at the end of last year and it was bloody freezing. The trail is a long walk and it went dark by four, I managed to freak myself out thinking we were being followed haha, but this weekend the sun was still shining down upon us by 4 so we stayed out for a little bit longer.

We managed a place we hadn’t explored before. A new patch of heaven that only myself and Dan knew (well, not really but you know what I mean).

Afterwards we had a nice lunch at the local pub next door to the trail. We had raspberry cheesecake and chocolate cake, but that was after my double cheese burger and chips!

We managed to get lost before finding the waterfalls though. There is no point asking where we were but we saw our first steam engine which was amazing! You can hear it in the video below!

It was lovely to explore a part of Wales before! It was slightly hard on Dan since he had to drive everywhere but the scenery made up for his fatigue.

The whole weekend was perfect if I’m honest. I ate soo much since the weekend is technically the cheat days. I had a McDonald’s on the Friday, I had the New York bagel and two medium fries ( because I am a guts!). We then had a meal out Saturday too! Dan has become obsessed with Corn Dogs while I had some sweet chilli noodles.

I’ve also decided that I shall be trying to make something from scratch every week and this week I decided to try my hand at a S’mores pie which was delicious!! I’ll might make another one and add the recipe here, would you guys like that?

It was such a perfect weekend!!



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