3pi Positive by Ivana Velickovik

I, like anyone else loves discovering new designers and this brand is, of course of no exception.  3pi MK was brought to my attention via Tumblr and I’ve had a good rummage through the website. From clothing to handmade decorations there is definitely something for everyone and is definitely worth a visit but before I show you my favourite pieces, let me tell you more about the designer herself.


Designer Background
Ivana Velickovik was born in Skoje on October 2nd 1992. He completed Josip Broz Tito school in 2011 which was a international graduation. During her time she took part in the exhibition ‘Stop Prejudice’ which was a visual art exhibition. During her education she received the nickname 3pi which of course is now the name of her brand.

After graduating she was taken by the desire to become a fashion designer and created her independent show titled ‘Clothes as Medium’ in 2011 which was inspired by the colours of the spectrum. All pieces of clothing was manually decorated. The collection consisted of 27 creations all of which were created by items from her closet.


Design Inspo
Later all of her design inspiration comes from the closet of her mother and grandmother. She decided to give these old clothing a rebirth and by creating them into something new and modern. She experiments by cutting off damaged parts and changing tainted patents. Once she managed to create 40 pieces of modern creations. She created a collection called Metamorphosis by doing the above, and also since the youth of today love a good ol’ second hand bargain she made her name in the right market.

Desired to perfect her craft she went and completed a University Fashion course in EuroBalkan in 2012. Because of all of these new experiences came the inpiration for the collection “Unique Style’. The collection is targeted for young girls who love sports as well as everyday style, with a pinch of elegance and style. The collection also contains accessories including gloves with decorative embroidery as well as jewellery.

Her inspirational quote is as follows “Fashion is everywhere, you just have to see it. Fashion is in the sky, in the street has to do with ideas, the way we live and what is happening to us”

My Favourite Pieces
Like I mention above it is not just clothing that Ivana designs but also jewellery, decoration and, my personal favourites, dream catchers. Here I have some of my favourite pieces from Ivana’s store.


Dream Catcher Headpiece
How gorgeous is this?! I’ve never seen a dream catcher hair accessory before so I find this really refreshing!! It’s a handmade product with orange yarn as well as natural feathers and beads!! It looks so adorable, I’m very much in love with this piece!! It costs 10 Euro which I think that’s great value for the product and it’s size as well as being handmade!

You can buy the Dream Catcher Headpiece


Unique Orange Shirt with Black Skirt
In work Coral and Orange is definitely this seasons trend and this unique little number will be perfect for Summer 2016. It looks like it could keep you cool during the summertime and looks like an incredibly sporty piece, suited for the feminine and the sporty type!! The item costs 40 Euro as well as worldwide shipping.

You can buy the Unique Shirt with Black Skirt here 


Unique Red Kombilizone
Personally, I know I wouldn’t be able to wear this myself as I know I do not have the confidence to wear but I can certainly appreciate this piece from afar!! I love the colour and I love the style. Very Rio inspired, it certainly reminds me of my trip to Ibiza!! It has hand embroidery on it and is selling for 40 Euro

You can buy the Red Kombilizone here  


Mirror Necklace
We all know how much I love my baby pink!! And I adore this necklace. it has that Barbie-esque feel to it which I love. The necklace is decorated by pieces of mirror and is handmade. Unfortunately I couldn’t find the price of the item but I shall still put a link below for you to view.

You can view the Mirror Necklace here  


Golem White Wreath
Not only does Ivana design clothing but also some handmade home deco too! Check out this amazing and very unique Christmas Wreath!! How different is this?! It’s decorated with snow flakes, Christmas Trees and flowers. You can use it to decorate your home or garden. If I had a minimalist style house where it would stand out on the wall then I would definitely buy it for the Holidays, however my room is covered with Harley Quinn.

You can view the Golem White Wreath here  

I hope you enjoyed my post. For business or collaborations please do not hesitate to e-mail.
*This is a collaboration post between myself and Ivana Velickovic

You can view her website here
You can view her store here                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            


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