Aspire Clean Living: A Personal Journey #2

A continuation from last weeks diary entry by my friend Kelsey who has started a health business called ‘Aspire Clean Living’.

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Day 4
Woke up with a banging headache! Chugged down some water but doesn’t seem to be shifting! Still have to get on with the day! Running late for work as I had the most amazing sleep that I just couldn’t wake up from! Plus it was freezing!
Hectic day in work but I was soooo looking forward to my meal this evening!  Tuna Pasta but with a kick/ healthbeef / more thought gone into it!

The shakes and supplements are becoming second nature now, I know what comes first and why, why not to take it at certain times and how to curb my hunger! Looking back on my old diet my God!! I mean I’ll blame it on Christmas but I had been falling back into my old ways since moving into my new place last September, it was like a release having my own time again. Lots of rich food practicing in the kitchen! I even used to display a box of chocolates and nuts and crisps on the dining table, on a normal day, when NO-ONE was coming around!

I upped my water intake today, I must be swigging back 3ltrs easy! Lots of trips to the loo! I find taking the therms later in the night helps me get through my night shift, not so buzzing around customer tonight though, maybe I’ve synced with it? Or it could be the 150g of pasta I just ate!! It’s been a lot to take in this week, being introduced to a new, more focused Kelsey! And working 40 hours so far to top it off!
It’s getting do cold outside! Kill all the bugs! Tomorrow I might make a lentil soup but with some chicken to up the calories! “Winters Warmers’… Stop thinking about food!!

Day 8
So I dropped my phone down the toilet! So I haven’t been able to blog from day 5-7!!
A little recap!
As the week has gone on I’ve found easier to plan my meals with work, and more importantly I find it exiting learning new recipes! The “cleanse and motivate page” which you get added to when you order your c9 cleanse has been so helpful, and sometimes addictive reading everyone’s experiences and tips! Some of the members started the same day as me! It’s gonna be emotional day 10 when we post all our before & after pictures!!


Day 6 was tough, I was really hungry! I was being too hard on myself, this cleanse isn’t about starving yourself I learnt quite quickly! I ate lots of free foods to curb my appetite (Free foods are low in GI less than 55, so they have minimal effects on your blood sugar).
Seeing my close friend Jay finish his cleanse with amazing results and my other friend Beth’s awesome meal ideas was even more motivating! Doing it with friends was definitely a good move!! We’ve chatted everyday! It’s been lush!

Today, day 8!
I needed a filling in my favourite tooth! The carnivore gimme meat – right at the back tooth! I came out with my tail between my legs after the anaesthetic and instantly carved chocolate!! Tesco express across the road, shall I pop in?! Maybe a Freddo? They’re smaller so less calories right?
SOOOOO tough to resist! I made it back to the car and raced home to my protein shake! I heard that you can make it into a pancake! Could I find the recipe anywhere!! Ahhh! Gimme fooooood! After having a talk with myself I remembered there was some blueberries in the fridge, I heated it all up in the microwave, it was so soothing on my tooth! I felt like a child with a warm bottle before bed!


I wanted something a bit more stodgy tonight, quick bit of Google and found a cougetti Bolognese! Perfect! I’m not gonna be as full without pasta but let’s have a go!
WOW!! That was soooo delicious! I feel so full but not so heavy or that sluggish feeling I used to get after a homely meal like that! Spaghetti has definitely been swapped for cougetti whether Nav likes it or not!
Using lean turkey mince instead of beef or lamb also helped! The texture was still dense but feels so much lighter as it’s digesting, and it’s cheaper! Revelation this dish! Loved every month full!!

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day! I’ve learnt so much about myself and what I can achieve when I put my mind to it! Self control is such a powerful tool I look forward to the rest of my journey with all the knowledge I have gained over the past few days!!
My exercise has been quite minimal so I fancy a nice gym sesh tomorrow to put those therm supplements to the test!!

Day 9
I can’t believe today is the last day! These nine days have flown by! I feel a little sad, then I think about chocolate! I’m gonna eat chocolate today, let’s call it a reward! OH MY GOD I’m excited! Hygienist this morning ready for my plates to be fitted Friday. As I run out of the door I remember, shit!! My Aloe shots!! Here we go again!! I run back in the door to neck them back and don’t feel the usual gag. I’d cleaned my mouth with mouth wash and couldn’t even taste the aloe! Why didn’t I think of this before?! Gym sesh today, (why didn’t I start this from Day1?!) chucked back a therm tablet (energy) and 3k on the treadmill, interval which isn’t bad for a beginner I guess! For recovery I had my first protein shake of the day with some chopped up strawberries. Smoked salmon omelette tonight, I have soo much salmon, I’ll take it over to Nan’s and cook for her too! It was absolutely delicious!! I couldn’t finish it! Some for lunch tomorrow! In the evening I thought about my journey, had I achieved what I wanted before the cleanse? I flicked through the booklet I wrote on day one.

  • Wake up naturally in the morning at a decent time = check
  • To have more energy = check
  • To re-educate myself about food and bad foods and how they affect my mood = check

Yes to all of the above!! Wow! I’d ticked off these boxes without even remembering what I’d wrote!


The c9 has kicked started me to a healthier lifestyle! It has prompted me to learn new recipes and the effect of food on the body! I’ve also been caffeine free for 9 days and feel so much better for it! My skin has a ‘glow’ to it – people have been saying. And I’m a lot more productive as a result of waking up earlier!!

 I was so skeptical about it!! I won’t lie!! I thought it was just another fad, crash diet- that once completed you pile it all back on again! Seeing my close friend Beth lose all her baby weight and still keep it off 6 months later I asked her how? Are you still cleansing? She then explained to me that this cleanse educated her into making more informed choices! I still didn’t believe her! But then I experienced it myself!! From day 1 I was so hungry but I didn’t want to fail so HAD to research and learn ways I could feed my face with ‘free foods’ and make it exciting without undoing all the hard work.

When I did lighter life, the therapy, talking about your relationship with food I was an emotional eater…ok but what does that actually mean? How could I change that? We’d write in our little books theories and examples but nothing was ever put into practice. It was a liquid diet, starve yourself and watch yourself deflate!
With the clean nine I’ve eaten clean, healthy foods all the way! The body can survive on 1,000 cals!! My stomach rumblings were almost like a withdrawal of all the shit I was feeding it!!! It’s a revelation!!

9pm cuppa tea and chocolate time!!




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