Aspire Clean Living: A Personal Journey

On Monday I gave you all a brief introduction into my friends Kelsey’s health business: Aspire Clean Living which, in summary, is a 9 day cleanse, removing your body of any toxins whilst you gain a healthier relationship with food. Of course, my post on my Monday was just an introduction, today I shall share with you, with Kelsey’s permission, her own personal journey of her 9 day cleanse. Here is her journey.

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(All images used in this post are Kelsey’s and hers alone. None are mine and permission has been asked)

Day 1
‘Flew outta bed 7am feeling excited and positive about the day ahead! Popped the two Garcinia Tablets (appetite suppressors) before cycling to work in the torrential rain, the rain isn’t gonna stop me!! Put on the war paint in the cloakroom and poured out the first 60ml aloe shot! I knew I had to do it before going up to the shop floor but I was more apprehensive about what others had told me about the awful taste. Smells okay!
I knocked back the first gulp and could feel the aloe whirling in my cheeks, swallow, swallow, swallow!! Ahhh it’s gone, no wait there’s still half left in the cup, and that’s only 60ml – another 60ml to go! The second gulp was also painful, this time I swigged some water in my new bobble bottle which I sliced up half a lemon the night before to give it some taste. 60ml to go – this shot seemed to be a lot smoother, gone, it’s done!
About thirty minutes later I popped the therm – apparently these bad boys are like a legal high! I was looking forward to these kicking in for some energy after that soaked bike ride.


Around 11am I mixed up the fibre sachet with 250ml of water, I was dreading this as I’d had fibre sachets in the past which I’d bought from Holland and Barrett to help my pathetic digestive system. The Forever versions were fine! Not as potent as the aloe! 

It’s 1pm and all I’ve done is pee! I’ve refilled my bobble about 4 times and it’s curbing the hunger pangs! I have bought any free foods (refer to previous article for free foods list) with me to work as I fancied a challenge! But I might have to bring some grapes or blueberries tomorrow to help with the aloe shots!

For lunch it’s two more Garcinia tablets and two more shots of aloe, this time I literally gagged! I feel a little sick and lacking energy. I walked the stairs (100) to the canteen to pick up my almond milk which I’ve heard makes milkshake taste a lot creamier and more of a treat but still only 12 calories every 100ml – I’m looking forward to this shake I hope it tastes good! 
The shake was beautiful, really surprised! When I did lighterlife’ a few years ago I could only shake with water. This almond milk is such a treat! Amazing! Nice burst of energy now!


I cycled home in the pissing down rain! I got absolutely soaked!! Felt really sorry for myself as I walked in the house!! Dinner: two garcinia tablets (appetite suppressors) no therm this time since we’re winding down for the night!
As I began to unwind all I could think about was food!! Run a bath…food! Pack bag for tomorrow…food! Christmas sweets staring at me in the face! Home alone… No one would know! I decided to make full use of the ‘free foods’ list which I could eat as much as I liked! Raw veg, grapes! Strwaberries! Apples! Nom nom nom!! So I boiled up some broccoli and cauliflower and enjoyed every last bite, and then some tomatoes and cucumber…and then some blueberries….then an apple!! I couldn’t stop!


8pm – Two more shots of aloe vera which went down so much easier than the six before it! Feeling even more determined after a successful day!! What was everyone moaning about? It’s not that bad! Roll on tomorrow!!

Day 2
Bit of a ruff nights sleep, went to bed around 9.30pm last night to keep my mind off eating, 11:45pm and I’m still wide awake with the biggest hunger pangs!! All I could think about was cauliflower cheese someone took a picture of on the cleanse group! Rummaging through the free foods list, BAM! Broccoli was on the list! I had some in the fridge! The night times are my biggest challenge! I didn’t realise how much! Then I started to think about my old lifestyle – I’d usually come in from work, put tea on and probably eat a biscuit…or two…three…four (OH MY GOD the thought of a caramel digestive!) Whilst waiting for my food to cook, impatiently, scoff it all down. Today I have a new tactic, 12pm and only now I’m having the end of my breakfast ‘the fibre boost’ yesterday I had my milkshake at this time (lunch). I’m going to pace it all out and take the milkshake only when the hunger pangs kick in.


I had a work appointment 1pm-3pm so that was a good distraction! Used my shake at around 4pm just before leaving work to get some energy for the cycle home! 
I’m literally cold to the bone! My ride home was wet and windy! Got soaked to my knickers again! Socks on, dressing gown on! Now I’m craving sugar, comfort. My first snack of the day half a cucmber raw with skins, it was really yummy! I mean not as yummy as a caramel digestive but it did the job, full. I was so cold I boiled some water over a slice of lemon, necked it back to get warm!

A few hours later and I’m still freezing cold! Apparently some people do feel cold as the toxins leave the body. I’m so excited for tomorrow! A fully prepared meal! I’m gonna have some fresh salmon, brown rice, broccoli, strip beans, salad, spring onions and finally some hard core carbs!! Sweet Potato!!


9pm – I’ve just taken my last two shots! Surprisingly don’t feel as hungry this evening, although temptations of nicking slab of tomorrow’s salmon as I cut into portions was tricky! I suppose I feel more determined and focused for my weigh in tomorrow night! Wish me luck! 

Day 3
I had such a deep, peaceful sleep and woke up naturally at 10am! That might be late for you but my days off I can sleep all day long! I had lots to do today, as everyone who works full time does! Washing, cleaning, food shop etc but today I had a meeting with a very inspirational woman Sara Lyn Williams who introduced my bezzie Beth, who then introduced me to this amazing programme! I couldn’t wait to meet up and chat to her about her personal achievements & successes! After the two hour long chat which seemed like 10 minutes, I felt so focused and motivated – everything I want to achieve is right in front of my eyes!


Getting up a little later than a regular day for work made me feel out of sync with my supplements and milkshakes for the day! I forgot that today I had to add another milkshake! It seemed like there wasn’t enough hours in the day! I’m also conscious I’m not drinking enough water!

Before I know it it’s 3pm! Shit! I start my delivery job in 3 hours and I haven’t prepared my meals! I’d defrosted 150g of salmon to put with 100g (a small spud) of sweet potato which calculated within my 600 calorie intake for the day. Tonight we feast like kings! Now I’m hungry! I knock back two garcinia tablets (appetite suppressors). These pills make me feel like Bradley Cooper in that film limitless. I feel like I can literally accomplish anything right now, nothing is gonna bring me down!!


I feel the healthiest I’ve ever been in my entire life! I never thought I’d crave sweet potato or salmon! What the hell!? Usually the smell of fried chicken gets the belly rumbling but tonight, it smells a little foul. As I had work this evening I swapped my dinner milkshake to the evening to give myself a little boost around 9pm.
The next few days are gonna get easier they say, only one aloe shot a day, two yummy milkshakes to keep me full throughout the day. I’m so excited to rustle up some more 600cal meals!! I think this meal planning malarkey could turn into a hobby!

And now my wrists hurt from soo much typing!!
Part 2 will be out next week



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