Mothers Day Gift List

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Processed with VSCOcam with m5 preset

Mother’s Day is just a few days away (March 6th) and if you’re struggling to find the perfect gift for your mother please do not fret!!  This post will cover most of your needs. I find myself noticing that I’m slowly turning into my mother more these days than my dad, I look like my father but I have my mothers mannerisms and I’m slowly starting to like the exact same shops and products as her so I find buying for my mother quite easy these days.

Of course different countries celebrate Mother’s Day at different times of the year, while we are celebrating it on March 6th, South Korea celebrate it on the 8th of May which is Parents Day.

Of course every mother is different but if you know her (which you should) then getting that perfect gift shouldn’t be a problem! Here are some of the gifts and special offers that are around for the Mothers.

Marks & Spencers
This is my mothers favourite shop in the whole wide world so buying from here would be an easy gift to get and with many special Mothers Day offers, you can easily lavish your mam with a nice cashmere Jumper , and with 25% off on all cashmere you won’t be breaking the bank. Is your mother a food lover like mine? M&S has you covered there too!! For £25 you can get the ‘Taste of M&S‘ box which includes some delicious M&S products such as Strawberry Soft set Jam, Pudding Chocolate Selection box, Toffee and Pecan Shortbread Biscuits as well as many other products which she will obviously adore. You can also get some Mothers Day Flowers from Marks & Spencers too delivered straight to your door, my personal favourite is a stunning bouquet which has the combination of pink germini, pink roses as well as purple bloom chrysanthemums!! It also comes with free chocolate which I assume there will be no complaints about!!

Wallys Deli
Now this only applies to the daughters and sons within the Cardiff area, if your not from around the Cardiff area then please stay put and let me tell you of this amazing Delicatessen that is hidden in one of our many arcades. The Delicatessen sells a variety of foods from around the world and boasts 52 different food departments on it’s online store. It’s literally a food connoisseurs Heaven with it’s array of different meats, cheeses as well as is vast amount of condiments from exotic area. However, after all this there is one product I really want to focus on is their chocolate products!! My mother is diabetic but occasionally she treats herself to some Wally’s Chocolates!! Her favourite are the Violet Fondant Cream (I think, well, that’s what I always buy her). You can also get Whole Orange Slice where one half is dipped in chocolate. There are many to choose from and you can find all the chocolate confectionary here.

Primark Yoga Kit
Now this is a personal gift I would like to get my mother. My mother is 70 this year and one of her new years resolutions was to take up Yoga again, of course being the slight gym training nut, I encouraged it but she hasn’t started any classes yet so to give her the push in the right direction I would love to get her gym kit ready!! So then there is definitely no excuses!!

Primark currently have a section on their website (I typed ‘gym’ in their search ending to find it) which shows their key workout trends for £25 which let’s be honest is hardly breaking the bank in terms of gym kits, usually a Nike vest costs £25 itself. I love the monochrome madness trend I think the rest might be a bit ‘in-your-face’ for my mother. I like the idea of little weights too they won’t be too much for my mother and the skipping rope would just be hilarious. The grey printed crop top is only £5! What a bargain!!


Happy Mother’s day to all you amazing Mothers out there!! Especially my mother xx


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