Birthday Wishlist

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My birthday is coming up soon and people remind me every year that I’m difficult to buy (I’m not actually, you just don’t know me well enough). This year I’m hoping some of my gifts will help me further my career in the field of blogging and vlogging and I’m also hoping that they’ve thrown in a Funko Pop or two. The only thing I’ve requested is that my cake is Dragon Ball Z themed (which of course is every 25 year old girls dream cake).

Here are some of the gifts I hope to see or if not I shall save for, like my first gift;

Olympus PEN E-PL7
For some of you this camera might mean nothing, for us photographers/bloggers this camera is EVERYTHING!!! I’m getting sick and tired of lugging around my 60D, it’s becoming an eyesore and I’m getting tired of people staring at me when I take photos of people pouring coffee into a cup (Have they never seen a photographer fascinated with pouring liquid before?!?!?!), so this camera will be perfect for the blog. Obviously I will still be using my baby Canon, but only for professional shoots and portfolio work.

You can buy Olympus PEN E-PL7 here


Bandai Sailor Moon Stereo Headphones
I do need big headphones. I always purchase the little ones and they never last as long as they say they will. I used to have a pair of lime green headphones but I threw them in the bin. These Sailor Moon Headphones are so kawaii and a must have for any Sailor Moon fan. I found these on the website and I find it to be one of the best websites for all your Weeaboo needs.

You can buy Sailor Moon Headphones here


Android 18 Plush
I was browsing the world of Ebay for a Mr Piccolo plush when I came across something even better!! I didn’t even know that they had Android 17 and Android 18 in plush form!? How amazing does she look?! I don’t female characters in plush form so I should extend my little plush family and who cooler than Android 18 right?!

You can buy Android 18 plush here


Y.R.U Heart Eyez Platforms by Nikki Lipstik
Nikki Lipstick is one of my favourite online stores. Not only do they sell amazing original clothing from amazing talented designers and artists but their CEO is one of the most amazing women in business. Her positivity and strong stance on us girls sticking together and helping each other out is awe-inspiring ( I will go into this deeper in an upcoming post). Platforms was the 90’s craze I was never allowed since I felt insecure about being tall and I was towering over the little boys in my primary anyway but now who cares, especially these beautiful pieces, I will and intimidate all the boys!!

You can buy Nikki Lipstick Heart Eyez Platforms here


Happy MOnday Bondage Top
I’ve been following Happy MOnday on Instagram for a while now and I absolutely love their clothing! I’ve been meaning to buy one or two of their pieces for some time but since travelling is my main priority at the moment, clothing has taken a little backseat, since I cannot splurge on both (memories over superficial products this year) but since it is my birthday I see no harm in treating myself to this amazing top. It’ll be perfect for my travels to the warmer climates

You can buy Happy MOnday Bondage Top here


Petite Versailles Sweatshirt from Topshop
Now before I go off and buy this beauty I’ll wait patiently until my birthday because if I know my mother (and she knows me) I wouldn’t be surprised if this is already bought and packaged and ready for March 7th. French inspired clothing is slowly becoming a favourite in my wardrobe, with many of items branding some francais on it, brands such as Whistles love the French culture and regularly feature phrases such ‘tres bien’ and ‘ca va’ on their items. I just love the simplicity of this design.

You can buy Petite Versailles Sweatshirt here 



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