Fashion Eyewear Trends of 2016

I was recently asked by Designer Sunglasses UK to write a blog post for them. This would be my second company I would write for and I was extremely excited that I wanted to share the article with you! I hope you enjoy!!

Fashion eyewear, especially sunglasses are a must during the Spring/Summer. With more people travelling abroad every year, there is obviously more of a call for sunglasses and with the more call is needed for sunglasses the more designs will be produced and of course more trends. This year of course is no different.

In terms of Fashion eyewear we have vast amount of trends this year, with some trends continuing from the previous. Here I will show you some of my favourite trends to hit the catwalks this season.


Oversized Sunglasses
Oversized sunglasses has always been a continuing trend which I for one am happy about since I do not have the face for small sunglasses. This year it seems that oversized sunglasses is a big fashion eyewear must have for Spring/Summer 2016 and shall continue to be so through Autumn/Winter. Dolce & Gabbana went all out with their oversized Floral embellished frames on the runway. My personal favourite came from Gucci whose fashion eyewear included oversized square frames, completed with a golden glitter touch. Designer Sunglasses Uk has some oversized sunglasses in the form of the Ray Ban Jackie OHH II Sunglasses which will be perfect for Summer!

Buy your Ray Ban Jackie OHH II Sunglasses here

Rimless Sunglasses
Now this is an Fashion eyewear trend that haas been seen on the catwalk by many of the big names. A theme? Not at all, but most certainly a trend nonetheless, I mean who needs rims anyway right? Chanel dominated this theme with their oversized, reflective (a theme I shall discuss later), rimless lenses (Chanel ticking all the fashion eyewear trend boxes). Roberto Cavalli followed suit with their stunning oversized glasses with an ombre lens finish, personally one of my favourites. While Designer Sunglasses UK might not have any rimless fashion eyewear for women (yet) they have plenty for the men, my favourite being the Mens Polarized Versace Sunglasses.

You can buy the Mens Polarized Versace Sunglasses here

Cat Eye Sunglasses
The Cat Eye Sunnies is a Fashion Eyewear trend that is here to stay and they are certainly not going anywhere soon, however it is not as big of a trend as it was last year. The combination of the Cat Eye and the round frame to create a Fashion Eyewear trend that was a massive hit with the likes of designers such as Marni who combined their love of this particular style with some colourful baby pink cat eye tops. Fendi also jumped on the bandwagon with the cat and round mixture, combining it with this years must have Fashion Eyewear colour. We’ll definitely be demanding more. My personal favourite is from Vivetta, whose Cat Eye sunglasses reminded me of Patty Simcox’s from Grease. Designer Sunglasses UK have a beautiful Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses that have a lush, vibrant red frame.

You can buy the Versace Cat Eye Sunglasses here

Colouful Frames and Lenses
Bold colours is a massive fashion trend this year and, of course, this will also apply to Fashion Eyewear. Many designers went go big or go home with their designs. Not only are the frames donning different colours but also the lenses themselves are coming in an array of colours, my personal favourite being Ombre, might not be the must have colour of the season but still a prominent colour in Fashion Eyewear nonetheless with Walker leading the way with their gorgeous ombre coloured lenses. One of my favourite lenses colour had to be the purple tint, which you could be found on the catwalks of Chanel and Rochas. The most prominent colour for frames was different shades of purple, my favourite being the light purple thick framed sunglasses from Carven. Designer Sunglasses UK have a beautiful Versace Butterfly Sunglasses that have this gorgeous claret tint to them which I must admit, are a personal favourite of mine from this website.

You can buy the Versace Butterfly Sunglasses here

Details and Embellishment
From barely anything to over-the-top embellishment, details details details was a must have trend this season for Fashion Eyewear. Dolce & Gabbana went for the go-big-or-go-home look with their floral frames which was completely on point while Anna Sui kept it simple with some decorative green leaf frame. My personal favourite embellished frames came from Opening Ceremony who included wave lace detail across the brow line.

I hope you enjoyed my post!


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