A few days in London

At the beginning of January, Dan and I decided to visit London for a few days since we both had the time off work. It was our first mini break away and it really enjoyable. We’ve been meaning to go to London together for a while and it felt like the perfect time.

We found the hotel a day or two before. We stayed at the Dockside Hotel in the Whitechapel area for three nights and it such a nice place to stay, and cheap too. We were served a simple breakfast every morning and it was always so quiet. What we were looking for was comfort but nothing to fancy as we were not going to be spending time there anyway, and this hotel was just what we were looking for.

Our first destination was the M&M shop, Dan has never been there so I was very excited to show him the store, while on our way we caught the beginning of The Creed Movie Premiere where we briefly glimpsed Sylvester Stallone!!! The M&M Shop always smells so sweet but nothing in particular took our fancy, especially since we needed money for Forbidden Planet and food. After visiting the M&M Shop I took him to Chinatown where we had an amazing meal. We ordered way too much food and found ourselves home afterwards, after getting lost on the underground for a good hour.



The next day we headed off to Forbidden Planet, obviously if you’ve been following my blog I’ve managed to snag myself a job as a writer for Talking Comics which had me living and breathing all things nerdy so Forbidden Planet is a must!! Their window was drowning in Deadpool items which I managed to resist buying but I snagged myself some great items!! I got myself a few mystery minis and a tiny Tien figurine, there was also a Trunks figurine which I really wanted but that can be my next purchase! Dan managed to snag himself some Megaman mystery minis which I shall definitely unbox soon, and when I say I mean him. Next we headed to Carnaby Street (which I kept calling Cranberry Street) which is based in the Soho District. I got myself a top from Eleven Paris and a cute little bag from skinnydip. We then headed to Oxford Circus for some late night shopping.





Day three we decided to visit some tourist attractions so we headed Westminster way. Whilst sight seeing  we stopped off at the Natural Portrait Gallery for some culture. My favourite rooms are the ones that hold the artwork of impressionists. French Impressionism has and always will be my favourite style of art, and they were all there; from Manet to Lautrec, they were all there including Van Gough’s Sunflowers which of course, was attracting many tourists which meant I could fully appreciate my favourite piece in peace, that piece being ‘At the Theatre’ by Auguste Renoir. After the Gallery we went and walked along the River Thames, passing the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben, something neither of us have ever seen before, as well as the London Eye.








Our next destination was Camden. I went to Camden for Catrin’s last birthday and since Dan has never been I decided it will be an awesome place to go. Fortunately Dan absolutely loved it and of course I showed him all of the best shops including Cyber Dog, a shop we both went to in Ibiza. Unfortunately we had both already eaten so we couldn’t really buy much food in Camden Town, when we visit again in the summer we will spend the whole day there.

On our last day we decided to pay my friend Catrin a visit. It was such a bitterly cold day and Catrin looked too cold working in the outside Coffee Kiosk. Dan felt so bad that he suggested we buy some touch screen gloves which of course was a great idea. After we only had a few hours to spend so we went to visit Tower of London as well as walking over Tower Bridge. Walking along Shard we found ourselves in an amazing court that had food vendors everywhere. We were in Heaven! I wish I could remember what it was called but in the end we were both so tired, lugging the suitcase here there and everywhere, at the end we went back to Leicester Square and straight to the M&M’s store and then headed back Victoria way.

I’ve been to London a few times and that was one of the top three, second to Comic Con which I hope to go again this year!! And hopefully Dan will come too!!

I hope you enjoyed my post



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