Deadpool Wishlist

I am way way WAY too excited for Deadpool!!! I’ve never been more excited for a Superhero before!! I was lucky enough to get some tickets for a preview screening on the 10th of February with my local cinema and lucky enough that I get to see it with some of my closest friends including Natalie, Ellyn and Shona. I also got Danny boy a ticket too so a heap of us are going.

I’ll be honest with you when I say I haven’t seen the Deadpool trailer, but just snippets here and there but I’m excited for it regardless. Ryan Reynolds is going to be amazing!!! Deadpool was made for Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Reynolds was made for Deadpool. Of course I’ve already been looking up items that I may (or may not) purchase once I’ve seen the film!! I’ve been told I will enjoy it so that isn’t a problem for me! So here are two items that have really caught my fancy and that would a great addition to my ever growing collection of Figurines and Funko Pops!


Deadpool Figurine
I just love how perfect it looks!! This gorgeous figurine was created and sculpted by Junnosuke Abe, who also created the Marvel Now Avengers series. He’s soo detailed and sculpted in 1/10 scale, which means that Deadpool stands 6 inches tall in his crouching position, where he is ready to attack. He is presented in his now iconic red and black outfit and he can be displayed with or without his sword. Personally I think he would look better with the sword. He also has interchangeable hand parts which you would find with most figurines. Another really cool feature this Deadpool figurine has is that he has magnets in his feet for that extra stability.

You can buy the Deadpool Figurine here


Deadpool Funko Pop
Ever since Christmas I’ve started collecting Funko Pops. At first I didn’t take a liking to them but now i literally cannot stop buying them. It’s an actual problem. No seriously it is I have soo many and yet no, absolutely NO ROOM for any of them. I figurine stand is already over full. A bit of me think I’ll have to change them around so it looks fresh. Even though I have no room for them I can’t seem to stop myself from getting one of these!! Look how cute he is!!! Look at his little sword!! The best thing is that there are about 5/6 in the Deadpool Funko Pop series, one being Pirate Deadpool while the other is being Bath Time Deadpool (he has his own shower cap and everything). I might keep an eye out and see if I can’t get my hands on bath time Deadpool but if I can’t this one will do just fine!

You can buy Deadpool Funko Pops here

Short yet simple wishlist. Be sure to keep an eye out to a regular blog feature called ‘Featured Funko’ on my blog which shall be coming soon!!




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