New Shop Jeen Wishlist #2

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Hey there everybody!! I have another wishlist which means two things; I’m still poor and I cannot find a photographer to help me with my outfit posts. This I’m not going to lie is starting get on my nerves that I cannot find anyone but BUT hopefully this will change very VERY soon since my best friend from my Photography course is going to be living in cardiff soon!! Proper house and everything, mortgage and all, I cannot wait!! However until then you’ll have to lump with wishlists and new brand and designer finds but of course there is nothing wrong with that.

Now then I recently posted a New Shop Jeen items wishlist which I hope you enjoyed but unfortunately I couldn’t have that much on one post, there were too many new things that I want to buy so here I give to you the second part of my Shop Jeen New Items wishlist.

retro pony backpack shop jeen rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger

Retro Pony Backpack – £33.47
At the beginning of last year I only had one bag now I have too many bags. I have three gym bags, one work bag/gym bag, my Attack on Titan bag, and my 2D bag (post coming soon). I already fancy a Free! Iwatobi bag from Shop Jeen but now I’m also digging this retro pony bag too. I love the vibrance and the colouring. I was never into My Little pony when I was younger but I can appreciate their cuteness now though and this bag is extremely cute.

You can buy the Retro Pony Backpack here

cupcake bag shop jeen rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger

Cupcake Bag – £32.07
Tiny bags are definitely a must have for me this year since one of my New Year Resolutions is to go out a lot more and i don’t necessarily mean drinking since I try and avoid alcohol at all costs but go to the theatre, dress nicely for a dinner date or off to the pub for a quiet one. I’m obviously not going to take a big massive bag to any of these places so small clutch bags are a must and i have found two cute ones on Shop Jeen. I love the colour of this bag, it’s all pink and pastel and it looks like it would definitely fit the essentials – purse, mobile and keys.

You can buy the Cupcake Bag here

unicorn phone case shop jeen rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger

Unicorn iPhone Case – £12.55
I have seen that a few fashion blogger have managed to snag this little cutie up and I’m quite tempted to get it myself. It looks comfortable to hold and easy to take selfies with which is what I find difficult to do with novelty phone cases.

You can buy the Unicorn iPhone Case here

pretty popcorn bag shop jeen rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger

Pretty Popcorn Bag – £27.89
I missed my chance on getting the milk carton clutch bag when that came in. My housemate has the lilac one and I always regret not buying my own but I believe that this would easily be able to fill the void. Again, I’m loving the colour on this bag, the pink and kawaii look is something that I’m liking at the moment. Pastel pink is one of the main colours in work at the moment too so I will be in fashion for once!

You can buy the Pretty Popcorn Bag here

i look better online swimsuit rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger

‘I look better online’ swimsuit – £41.14
Summer is just round the corner and also summer bodies are made in the Winter and what better way to encourage my weightloss than to buy a swimsuit that I would look totally crap in now if I don’t work for that summer body!! Being a blogger my career focuses entirely around the internet and with time I’ve started to enjoy clothes that reference my day-to-day life and anything via social media. I do actually look better online. No point lying about it. Once you see me in this swimsuit in images in comparison to actual reality you’ll see the difference.

You can buy the ‘I look better online’ swimsuit here

pink power ranger emblem shop jeen rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger

Pink Power Ranger Emblem Tee – £22.31
The pink power ranger was always my favourite. I cannot remember much from the Power Rangers from when I was younger. I can’t recall whether they had a plot or not but I did really like the pink one who I also have as a doll and still have today!! She is in my attic somewhere I think I’ll dig her out the next time I go home. I think the only reason I like this top is because it’s the pink power ranger which I believe is a good reason to buy it.

You can buy the Pink Power Ranger Emblem Tee here


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