New Shop Jeen Items Wishlist

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Shop Jeen has been adding new gear to it’s website for the past week or two and there are one or two non anime items that I really cannot resist. I made an article dedicated to it’s anime apparel collection while this is everything and anything, from tops to apparel, i’ve scrolled high and low to find items that are perfect for me, if I was mega rich.

Now this shall be separated into two parts as I have many items to talk about and that I think you guys would definitely be interested in so let’s begin!

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger giggity socks shop jeen

Giggity Socks – £11.16
I absolutely love my animation especially American cartoons, Family Guy of course not being exempt from this. The recent season was really funny even though it’s taken me until now to start watching it. These quagmire socks are just so quirky and the right lengths to keep my feet and the bottom of legs warm through this strange winter we’re having.

You can buy the Giggity Socks here  

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger highness pom heels shop jeen

Highness Pom Heel – £32.07
I’ve recently noticed that pom poms and fluffy accessories are everywhere at the moment. I remember being massive when I was in Primary School so I guess they’re coming back into fashion (like most 90s things, hopefully Daria will be next). There are many other variations of this shoe on Shop Jeen so if this isn’t for you, you could also view the Mint Julep Pom Heel or the Royal Pom Heel. I’m undecided on whether I like the pink or the mint…Which one is your favourite?

You can buy Highness Pom Heel here

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger pink lemonade plush shop jeen

Pink Lemonade Plush – £27.89
My bed is already covered in plushies. There is literally no room to sleep in my bed anymore but I couldn’t really pass this cute little thing!! Shop Jeen have a ton of new plushies in and they’re mostly food related too. This reminded me of summer time which I’m looking forward to since I may be heading Tokyo way! Inspiration heaven. It’s the lemon slice that won me over, it looks so cute!!

You can buy Pink Lemonade Plush here

rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger eye-c-u bag shop jeen

EYE-C-U Bag – £45.32
I’ve been seeing this design everywhere at the moment, it’s on one of the pieces of sale jewellery in work and it look gorgeous, it has stuck in my mind recently. Seeing this eye design again on Shop Jeen has made me believe that this is a clear sign that I need to buy an item with this design on it. The clutch has an optional shoulder strap and is also made of durable patent material

You can buy the EYE-C-U Bag here

rhidixonblog liefstyle blggger metallic platform pewter boots

Platform Metallic Pewter Work Boots – £50.20
My shoe collection needs a complete revamp!! I’m curently living in trainers and my work shoes. I fancy something with a bit of a heel but not something that’ll over-tower people, I also fancy with a metallic shine and that has that edgy but you can wear with anything look to it…oh i found them, never mind. The platforms are 3.5 inches high which I think is enough since I’m 5’7 anywyay.

You can buy the Platform Metallic Pewter Work Boots here


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