Shop Jeen Anime Wishlist

shop jeen anime wishlist

Hello my dear dear readers I am officially back!! I’ve enjoyed having time away from the blog to just enjoy myself but I am back and I did miss my little blog so very very much!! 

I wrote quite recently that I’m going to write more fashion posts but I might not be able to do as many outfit posts as I did in my first year, le sigh. I might be able to do it in the summer due to it being lighter for longer but until then you might have to settle with items I find on the internet. Of course, I shall still be blogging my day-to-day life, what I eat where I’ve been and so on and so forth but my fashion posts for a little while will be focus on stuff I want but I can’t afford or I’m too old for, and what better way to begin than with a Shop Jeen wishlist – anime style!! So let’s get started!!

shop jeen anime wishlist pink vegeta teeVegeta Pink Tee – £24.68
I absolutely love this top, still going through a baby pink phase and this is perfect. It represents my love of the Dragon Ball Saga and also my love of pink. I wish I could find one that’s fuchsia pink, it would be a subtle reference to his ‘Badman’ shirt which by the way, for those of you who might be interested you CAN actually buy!!. Love the symbol, which of course is a reference to designer brand Versace.

You can buy the Vegeta Pink Tee here  

shop jeen anime wishlist piccolo tee

Piccolo Tee – £19.75
Apart from Vegeta Piccolo is my favourite character from the Dragon Ball Z series! He’s such a great character and I’ve been really good and managed to hold off from buying his plushie form but I might not be able to with this top. Simple in design but sometimes minimalism is key. I also love the colour, not too over-the-top with the green, he really stands out from the background. 

You can buy the Piccolo Tee here 

shop jeen anime wishlist chibi moon drawstring bag

Chibi Moon Drawstring Bag – £17.63
If you’ve been following my Instagram you would know that I’m a slight gym junkie. I go 4-5 times a week and of course I require a gym bag and this has to be the cutest one I’ve found!! It’s absolutely adorable!! It looks big enough to fit my trainers in which is all I need really.

You can buy the Chibi Moon Drawstring Bag here

shop jeen anime wishlist free! backpackFree! Backpack – £38.79
Now this is already in my cart for next pay day. I’ve bought many backpacks recently (maybe one too many) but I might have to make room for this one in my life. What I love about this bag is how vibrant it is and it also has Sousuke on it, who is my favourite character from the anime. I can’t seem to find many Sousuke merchandise I have been trolling the webiverse trying to find him in plushie form but it’s nowhere to be found so I might have to settle with this weeaboo trash backpack

You can buy the Free! backpack here


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