New Job: Talking Comics


I thought I would give you guys a heads up and tell you I’ve got myself a job as a writer on Talking Comics!!! Yess!!! I’ve been meaning to write for them for awhile now but I’ve been so busy with this blog that I couldn’t find the time to manage both  but now I think I’ll be able to.

What I’m really looking forward to about writing for Talking Comics is that I will get to write about a subject that I’m passionate about which is my geeky side, that’ll include manga reviews, Funko Pops unboxing, figurines unboxing, anime apparel as well subscription boxes.

Will I still be blogging on this blog? Yes but I’ll be posting fashion and lifestyle posts but I might not spend quite as much time here, of course I will not be abandoning it completely but it’ll be for fun and for me to blog whatever I fancy.

So in summary this is what’s going to happen – Talking Comics is where I shall be blogging about everything nerdy so feel free to head on over whenever. Once my posts are up I shall also share them here, if I’m allowed obviously or I might just update you when I have. This blog here I shall blog whatever I fancy, whether it being fashion or lifestyle or food, but it’ll definitely have my photography.

I’m very excited for this new adventure. This year hasn’t gone off to the best of starts but I’m trying to improve it one day at a time.

You can visit Talking Comics here


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