New Year, New blog

If you have seen my Instagram lately you would know that I have decided to take a week of blogging so I can enjoy it again. I don’t want this little hobby of mine to become an absolute chore since I do enjoy it and it’s meant for fun.

Would like I to make blogging a full-time job? Yes and no. Yes as in that would be the dream, making a career from something I thoroughly enjoy doing and no due to the fact I probably won’t leave the house. Having a job outside of the computer screen and the internet gets me out of bed and into the gym so I wouldn’t change it.

So the first step for me is what do I want to write about. If you’ve noticed my blog is a hot mess right now with no actual structure. I try to blog about fashion while adding lifestyle posts too and food posts and portfolio posts and geek posts and everything in-between, in summary posting for the sake of posting, so I’ve decided to blog on three topics max while maybe indulging myself in a fourth here and there. I’m going to continue to write articles on geek life which can expand to anything; comic cons, figurines, pop vinyls and more while also writing topics on fashion whether it being clothing to beauty products to soap. I won’t for people to ask me to promote I’ll promote whoever I want when I want.

You might not see many images of myself in clothing until I find a photographer whose reliable and who is a photographer. Dan has been doing an amazing job however I know he gets slightly nervous because he wants to produce the best (which he does), so I would rather find someone who it might benefit from it, portfolio wise I mean. Also I usually finish work at 4 and then head straight to the gym and finish at 6 by then it’s pitch black outside.

I also want to save money so I may travel this year so buying clothes for the blog is not the best idea so I will show what the internet world has to offer but maybe not my own personal wardrobe. Of course, I do have new clothing to show but it’s only the start to the year so there is plenty of time to show you.

This transition might take some time so bare with me but I’m excited for the future of my blog because I’ll get to promote what I want on my own terms and enjoy my inner geek girl.

Thank you for following and supporting the blog along with the brands who helped me last in giving me the best experience I could get!



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