New Finds – Spiritual Rez and Baby Queens

Now this article is those one-of-a-kind posts where I found something/someone that I really really need to blog about, like a new find or new obsession in my case.

I want to introduce you to two new bands that I have discovered, one named Spiritual Rez and Baby Queens, both of whom were introduced to me through my housemate Helen whose instagram you can follow here. I’ve been playing both bands non stop for the passed few weeks and I thought I cannot hide them from anyone you guys need to know about them and you need to listen to them, like, right now!

Baby Queens
Baby Queens music is addictive!! Their music is so chilled and mellow, after a hard day at work or I just need to unwind, I either play ‘Had my Heart’ or ‘Red Light’ and I feel 100 times more relaxed and what’s more they reside from Cardiff, my home!!
The group is formed from two sisters, two cousins and another sister (think the Nolan Sisters, but you know, good) and they’ve recently released to E.P’s on Cian Ciaran’s (you might now from the band Super Furry Animals, you know, Hanging out with Howard Marks?),
Their music is a mixture of hip hop, soul and reggae and everything you need to chill too. It’s not what you expect to come out of Wales.
I love their sound and I hope to see them live in 2016!!

Spiritual Rez
I love Ska music, believe it or not. I was introduced to the Ska genre from my old housemate Matt who was in an Italian death metal ska band (I know) and since then inbetween blasting Kpop, Jrock and anime opening title songs I’m blasting Tokyo Ska band Ochestra into my ear drums, however Helen in all her glory introduced me to Spritual Rez whose blend of Ska, Reggae, Rock and Jam produce the most upbeat, feel good music ever. I’ve only been listening to one of their songs on repeat for the passed two days as it makes me feel so happy and just such a fun song. Hopefully I will move on to some of their other songs but until then, listen, chill and enjoy

I hope you enjoyed my post



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