2015 Recap with Vsco

2015 has been quite a year with many new adventures from achieving a year of blogging which has been absolutely amazing and which I hope shall continue to be in the year to come as well as many other achievement that I shall now recap with the little app known as Vsco!

Not only did I begin a new job I also managed to snag myself two photography jobs, one in April which was a blast to photograph as well as one in Ibiza which we can all safely say was a fantastic opportunity and one of the best holidays I’ve ever had! Hopefully next year I’ll have one or two more but I’ll have to wait and see!!

 I managed a few small adventures around Britain this year. I went to Bath with Dan on Valentine’s Day as well as a nights stay in Stratford where we we saw ‘The works of Shakespeare Abridged’ as well as a trip or two to Bristol and London where I attended my first London Comic Con. I also went to Birmingham for the day with work and it became my new favourite place! Dan and I are hoping next year for some more amazing adventures!!

I attended Cardiff Food Festival for the first time this year!! It was my own personal heaven! Amazing food and I cannot wait to go there again.

I’ve managed to meet so many new people this year! Not only do I have amazing work mates but I snagged myself two amazing housemates as well as a perfect(ish) boyfriend who I managed to celebrate a year with in September. Made loads of new mates including Huw who introduced me to Talking Comics (but more about that next year).

So if I recap my year has been an absolute blast, of course there have been minor glitches along the way but they are nothing when looking at the bigger picture: I had a bloody good year!

So… What is going to happen next year?

First things first I need to find a happy medium with writing posts for this blog as well as for Talking Comics (again this will be talked about more once I get off my lazy ass), I also want to start selling my photography as well have more adventures with Dan so setting a new routine for myself is key in January.

Vlogging is a route that has started to intrigue me. I would love to start a vlog where I post haul and reaction videos but I have one big problem in my way: my accent. It’s quite strong so… Do I or do I not?

The blog will also be slightly different in terms of content as in… I will post what I want, when I want! I began the blog with business and finance in mind which looking back was the dumb way to go, instead I should’ve enjoyed it and had fun with it. In 2016 I will do just that! If I want to post about fashion I will post about fashion, if I want to post about geek Merch I will post about my geek Merch and so on and so forth. 2016 is the year to have fun but to still work hard!!

Next year will also be about adventure!! I’m already planning my trips to London and Paris in January but this I will also be spending time in Amsterdam, Ibiza again and the dream holiday: Tokyo!!! I’ve never been more excited about anything ever in my life!! 20 days in the city of artistic dreams!! I cannot wait!!!

I also plan on attending a few more comic cons and I plan on returning to the London comic con in March. I would also like to do a trip or two with the housemates somewhere, anywhere as long as we can focus on our creativity and work.

I hope next year will be just as good as this year has been, I think my main resolution is to have more fun!!

Now to recap the year with some imagery. Thank you for sticking with the blog for a year and taking an interest. Here’s to the next year!!


2015 recap through Vsco

Tbc in next post ✌🏼️





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