Team Merch Christmas Meal


Even though the festive season is nearly over I still have many Christmas themed posts that I would like to share with so please bare with me, knowing your luck you’ll probably have to wait until next week for my new year post!!

Anyway… on the 22nd December, Team Merch and I went on our Christmas Meal, my first christmas dinner with the gang since I joined the team last January. It has been a whirlwind of a time; laughs, cries and many surprise promotions and price matches to battle through but I can safely call them all good friends.


The team is currently made of 8 of us, they are Me, Lowrie, Natalie, Ellyn, Sam, Lauren and Newcomer Jessica who began first week of December and she has managed to fit in nicely under the strict rigorous training of Lauren. There were another 3 on the team but they left us for other work. Emma now works…erm…as a buyer and visual merchandiser at…urgh… she’s doing very very well for herself (nice save Rhi) and is getting married next year!!!! Heather and Fae went and managed to secure the spot on the Visual merchandisers team so even though they may not be on the team anymore we still see them every day.


Most of the team managed to make it out for the Christmas Dinner (apart from Rachel who had her boyfriends birthday). We went to Stables, which is a new Pie, Pizza and Cider restaurant in Cardiff town, It’s a pleasant dining experience with plenty of seating. There is not much on the menu but that’s a good thing, instead of faffing on either getting the burger or the shrimp or the steak you have two choices, pie or pizza, which makes the selection process quick and easy. I went for the pie since I never eat Pizza anymore but the girls all ordered pizza and it looked amazing, Lauren let me have a piece of her cheesy garlic bread and it tasted amazing!!!


We all ordered desserts and Ellyn recommended the apple crumble with clotted cream and it tasted divine!! Very warm however they give the crumble in a bowl that is the same colour as the crumble so I was there for a good minute trying to cut through the ceramic with my fork until Heather pointed out that maybe I shouldn’t be trying to eat that part of the dessert.

All in all, a lush time with such an awesome crew of people, we’re very tight knit and stick up for eachother when we feel and see a member of the team being mistreated. You couldn’t ask for a better bloody team to be fair. I took most of the images on Iphone so excuse the quality. I think I’ll be taking more images on my iphone as it’s instant and if taken properly, can look just as fantastic as a digital image.

To the next year girls and guys!!





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