Fandom Friday – Christmas Traditions


Is that time of the week again and what quite possibly be my favourite post time of the week now – IT’S FANDOM FRIDAY!!

This weeks Fandom Friday topic is Christmas Traditions. We all have Xmas traditions, every family does. You may have created one as a family, adopted a tradition you’ve found online or it’s a tradition that’s been passed down. I’ve created my own traditions for Christmas as the years have gone and I’ve realised how important Christmas is and no I don’t mean the presents, I mean the spending quality time with the family, have no care in the world just for the day and creating memories. Keeping traditions is just repeating a lovely memory won’t you agree?

Here are some of the Christmas  traditions the Dixon family upholds every year including ones I’ve created for myself. Enjoy!!


New Pyjamas on Christmas Eve
I decided to get help on this post so I asked Team Merch (the merch crew, and a damn fine crew we are) and this one had a unanimous vote on being the most popular tradition, a tradition that has been adopted by many, including my mother! Every Christmas I would receive new pyjamas to sleep in (always in red too) and always from Marks & Spencer. Ellyn (the queen of sugar free desserts) said she would always receive new bed clothing too. I never did that or had that. My guess as to why this tradition is widely used is because it’s to make us look somewhat half decent in photos but let’s be honest it’s what Christmas is about isn’t it? The main reasons for Christmas are

 1.Celebrating the birth of Christ;
2.Eating too much;
3.Relaxing in brand new, accommodating (see point 2) clothing paid for by someone else.


Christmas Day Bath
Any excuse to buy a Lush Bath Bomb, AM I RIGHT!?!? YEEAAAAH *high fives all round* anyway for someone who hasn’t had a proper bath (as in an actual tub not bathing, I obviously bathe) in 4 years having a long soak is a treat and I always go the whole hog, bath bomb, my Free! Iwatobi boys figurines floating, rose petals the lot. It always resembles a weeaboo hot spring!


The Simpsons Christmas Special Marathon
The Simpsons Christmas always happens on Channel 4 on Christmas Morning and it’s always a sacred time since it’s the only time my father will watch The Simpsons with me. The Simpsons Christmas Specials are always on top form and message gets sweeter and sweeter each time. The Simpsons Christmas Stories and The Fight Before Christmas are my absolute favourite since they are a three story episode. I can see this tradition changing to Bobs Burgers Christmas Special Marathon since both my father and I love that show.


Christmas Day Walk
After Christmas Dinner nothing beats a good walk in the park. Last year when we celebrated in my flat in Cardiff my parents and I had a walk around the Bay. The sun was shining and children were out playing on their new bikes and scooters. It was really cute. On every walk my mother would say hello to everyone because she’s a sweetie. After our Christmas walk we tend to have a 30 min nap or do another Christmas tradition which start a new jigsaw. I love jigsaw and it’s guaranteed I get at least one every year. I find it more therapeutic than colouring in.

The Walrus Dip
Now, this is something that I’ve done once but I want to make it into a Christmas tradition. The Walrus Dip happens every Boxing Day at 8 in the morning in Tenby on the beach. People of every shape dress up, raise money for charity and have the thrill of running and  jumping into the icy icy sea!! I did it once and it was exhilarating, I couldn’t feel my heart beating due to the shock. Apparently I look like my mother when I’m in a shock state. It’s fantastic and a proper rush!! You can also do it New Years Day and I’m going to try and do it on 2016 I think it’ll be fun and what a way to bring in the new year!!!
Unfortunately I couldn’t find my images of myself partaking in this event, so no images I’m afraid!!

What are your Christmas tradition?! Leave a comment below!!



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