Food Review: Kit Kat Edition #1

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat

By chance, I managed to get my hands on some unique flavoured Kit Kats which I was really excited about since I’ve wanted to try different flavours for a while, and I mean A WHILE!! I’ve seen blog post after blog post of people trying and tasting different flavours from wasabi to hojicha roasted tea and I’ve always been slightly envious as I would love LOVE to try some. Fortunately I can now!!! And like every little thing I do I wanted to share it with you guys.

I bought six flavours home with me and I wanted to review them right away, however I didn’t fancy doing it myself so, with the help housemate Katrin, we ate and we reviewed. The plan was to write our opinions but I’m a slow as hell writer so I recorded it. I shall type exactly as it on my phone (expect a cameo from Helen as well). So here we goo!!!!!!

Colour Code: Me – Pink
Kat – Orange
Helen – Muddy Green

First Flavour : Pumpkin

Me: So let’s start with, I think the pumpkin?! Let me Check
Helen: yeeaaahhh
Katrin: yeeeeaaaahh
Me: There is a picture of a Pumpkin on the wrapper (slow claps myself for that line)
Katrin: It could just be Halloween taste (I don’t know either)
Helen: That’s true!!
Katrin: like, just a taste of sheer horror
Helen: The taste of death (ensues some giggles from us all)

Me: So this one is Pumpkin and it bakeable (It’s not)
Katrin: Bakeable?!?
Me: Well it just says bakeable on my…thing
Helen: On your what thing? What is this thing??

(By now I’ve opened and photographed the kit kats)

Katrin: They all just look the same
Helen: OH I know what it looks like! It’s like that white chocolate that looks like a milky bar!! That’s the kind of white chocolate it is, well it’s not white chocolate it’s pumpkin…
Me: It’s very yellow…ready??

Me: What does it smell of?
Katrin: They just smell like Gold Bars, like, am I just crazy, am I just having a stroke?!
Helen: I can smell the chocolate more from the inside if that makes sense?

(We taste)

Me: It’s nice!!
Katrin: It is nice
Helen: It is nice but I can’t really taste pumpkin
Me: I don’t either it’s just chocolate
Helen: It does taste like normal chocolate round a wafer bar…oh…is this an after taste happening what is this?! It’s really sweet
Katrin: It’s really good
Me: I really liked it very white chocolatey though
Helen: It’s sickly isn’t it.

Conclusion: Tastes exactly like white chocolate, nice for some sickly for others. No horror taste whatsoever.

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat pumpkin flavour

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat pumpkin flavour

Second Flavour: Sweet Potato

Me: Now this is sweet potato
Helen: I’m taking my leave after this I’ll probably be gagging
Katrin: (laughs) …(opens wrapper)...Oh there is more of a smell to this one
Helen: This is a wafer it looks like creamy..
Kat and me: Oh yeahh…
Helen: It’s not like the…oh god is gonna have more of a taste and it’s not gonna be pleasant
Me: Oh Christ..
Helen: I don’t even like sweet potato by the way

(We taste)

Helen: Oh it’s quite (mumbles something)
Kat: www…
Helen: This is weird as shit
Kat: I like this though… I really really like this one
Helen: This is weird!!
Kat: (to me) do you not like it?
Me: It’s not that I don’t like it, it’s just not great
Helen: I don’t like it either…everyone keeps ruffling my hair now because apparently I look like an endangered lion….

(we start discussing Helen’s hair)

Opinion: Weird as shit. Katrin loved it while I thought it was meh. I was expecting more of a flavour.

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat sweet potato flavour

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat sweet potato flavour

Third Flavour: Wasabi

Me: You sure you don’t want to wait and try the rest of these out?
Me: Do you want to get the Wasabi one done with?
Helen: I’m out with wasabi man!!
Katrin: I really don’t want the wasabi one either

(opens packet)

All three of us: WWWWWWW!!!!!
Me: It looks purddy!!
Helen: Shall I ask Dave (her boyf) if he’ll brave it?
Me: I’m bloody gonna brave it!! (you brave person Rhi)

(Helen has left the room to ask Dave if he would try the wasabi Kit Kat)

Me: It smells.. just give it  whiff. It smells of wasabi (well spotted Rhi)
Katrin: I hate wasabi
Me: …It smells grim… I need someone else to help me with this one…

(Helen returns)

Helen: yeah he won’t even brave the wasabi
Katrin: (Laughs)
Me inner monologuing: What a puss
Me: …Okay then…
Helen: He pulled a face

(I’ve taken a bite)

Helen: Oh god she really went for it (Officially the bravest person ever!!)
Katrin: (engages my reaction) oh…oh….oh nooooo….
Me: oh….that is so weird!!
Helen + Kat: WHAT?!
Helen: What? is it spicy? Your eyes aren’t watering…
Me: ….it’s definitely wasabi….
Katrin: ooo grooosss
Me: ….It’s a sweet wasabi…
Katrin: oh that’s weird, well I guess it would be
Me: Okay, can someone else help me with this one
Katrin: oooh okay
Helen: It’ll clear you throat out ( I assume Katrin was ill)
Katrin: It’ll clean my whole face off…

(Katrin tastes, lots of retching ensues)

Helen: Right I’m leaving call me if someone doesn’t do a flavour (exit Helen)

Katrin: Oh my god!! That is wasabi (continues retching)
Me in between retching: oh nooo oh no no no
Katrin: (laughing hysterically)…oh that is vile! At least that tasted like what it was supposed to taste like because the other two didn’t taste like what they were meant to be.

Opinion: Vile. Horrid. I love wasabi but I did not like this, spent most of the time thinking of something tasty. You have to taste it though in order to say you have survived wasabi Kit Kat.

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat hot wasabi flavour

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat hot wasabi flavour

We have three more flavours to go which I shall be reviewing in the next article!!


rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat

rhidixonblog lifetyle blogger food review kit kat


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