Fandom Friday – Christmas Wishlist

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I loove making wishlists and a Christmas wishlist is something that is definitely needed (and also it’ll help my mother). I am the first to admit that I’m pretty difficult to buy for. I have many interests and hobbies it’s hard to point at one and also my passions and interests change quite often.  Also this is actually part of Fandom Friday but I missed last weeks, so this one is coming out two days after a week after it should’ve come out. It doesn’t matter anyway because HERE IT IS!!!!

I hope you enjoy!!

fandom friday rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger christmas wishlist margo dress valfre

Valfre Margo Dress
How beautiful is this dress? And so festive too!! I love the swinging skater skirt as well as the beautiful bow neckline!! This dress was created by Valfre who in her about on her website is described as “Valfré is an independent women’s accessory and apparel label that was founded in 2012 by Mexican-born artist, Ilse Valfre. Ilse has created a one-of-a-kind feminine world that uniquely captures the essence of what it’s like to be a girl.  Valfré collections are filled with color, quirk and sass. With her combination of relatable sweet-cliche, and the agony of life, peppered with touches of humor and satire, Valfré is simply all about self-expression.  I love the dress but this next item also from the same designer is something else again.

Here is the link to Valfre Margo Dress

fandom friday rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger christmas wishlist blanco 3d mobile case valfre

Blanco 3D Iphone Case
How cute is this case!! It’s adorable and I absolutely love it!! Valfre has many cute cases including 100% boys tears which everyone from their mother has got as well as the Bruno the Cat Iphone case but this has to be my favourite (thus far). It has a protective silicon case and it’s easy to access all ports. A perfect case and a perfect gift for your bestie!!

Here is the link to Blanco 3D Iphone Case

fandom friday rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger christmas wishlist black lady sailor moon action figure

Groove Pullip Sailor Moon Black Lady Action Figure
For £123 this is way to expensive for anyone to buy for me but I can still wish for it. It’s incredibly pretty but I’ll be too afraid to break it! I know that you can also get the Sailor Moon doll as well a Chibi Moon too if you don’t fancy the Black Lady one but I love the colour of it.

Here is the link to Black Lady Action Figure

fandom friday rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger christmas wishlist shopjeen see through cassette case

Clear Cassette Bag 
As a 90’s kid I love my see through clear items. If you read my handbag essentials you know I absolutely adore my see through bags!! And this one is perfect however I don’t think it would be perfect for me. A Christmas wishlist doesn’t have to be about yourself, it could be a wishlist that you would like to buy your friends or that special person in your life that makes ti ten times easier, in this case, I wish I could buy this for Catrin. Catrin is my best friend and is part of an upcoming London band called Tinned Wild. They’ve recently finished recording and she’s asked me to photograph their cover which I cannot wait to do!! As you can tell Catrin looves music and so does her lovely lovely spouse Jamie so this bag would be perfect for her and she’s a proper 90’s chick too. Again a perfect bag for a perfect person.

Here is the link to the Clear Casette Bag via shopjeen

fandom friday rhidixonblog lifestyle blogger christmas wishlist buffalo bb spice pink platforms

Buffalo BB Spice Pink Platforms
I’m in desperate need to update my footwear. My dad is the one that has the shoe fetish not me reason being is that I like to get my money’s worth with shoes rather than spending to complete a outfit, you know? But these are something else, they’re like the modern version of the Spice Girl platform but not as high. I can imagine Baby Spice rocking in these!! I love the colour pink too much recently and I’m 110% that these would help somewhat with my little addiction.

Here is the link to Buffalo BB Spice Pink Platforms


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