Fandom Friday – Holiday Recommendations


So I want to slowly make the transition from Fashion blogger to Lifestyle/Geek blogger who is also a photographer, and what better way than to start a #fandomfriday post!! This will be a reoccurring type of post that’ll come out every Friday with different topics which I hope you will enjoy!! There are many bloggers out there who do this on a weekly basis, so if mine doesn’t meet your standards, then there are plenty female geek bloggers who do the exact same post and who will have many other recommendations for you to enjoy!

For my first #fandomfriday post, the title shall be Holiday Recommendations. I will list my top 5 holiday recommendations for this beautiful season, so let’s begin!!!

Animation Domination Christmas Specials
Just like a new school year, the big leagues of animation always release their new seasons in September and every December they release a new Christmas Special and I look forward to them every year!! The cartoons that are part of the Animation Domination Season include;

Family Guy
The Simpsons
American Dad
Bobs Burgers

Of course there are many other cartoons that might do Christmas Specials which include Rick and Morty as well as Venture Bros. Of course there are many others but these are definitely my favourite, oh, and Archer too! Couldn’t forget that one!! American Dad Christmas episodes are always great and the Bobs Burgers ones are always so sweet, one of my favourites being the window display episode. With Family Guy expect a big song and dance if Mr Macfarlane gets his way.



The Christmas Playlist
Of course you cannot go through Christmas without belting Mariah Carey’s ‘All I want for Christmas’ from the top of your lungs!! I’ll be honest that is not my favourite Christmas song. I have my own little playlist however it is pretty small. I only have three distinct songs  during this season and I never get bored of them, they are;

Santa Baby by Eartha Kitt
Christmas Time by The Darkness (Don’t you judge me!!)
Merry Christmas Everyone by Shakin Stevens

These three are just the best songs!! Don’t agree?? What are yours?? Leave your playlist in the comments!!


Family Time
I cannot stress how great this holiday recommendation is. The best thing you can do over Christmas is to surround yourself with loved ones and enjoy their company. During Christmas time it used to be five of us eating Christmas dinner, watching TV and falling asleep with our stomachs full of merriment. Now, unfortunately it’s only three of us and we appreciate this season since we spend the whole day together and we are grateful that we have each other. Christmas to me isn’t about gifts (it is about giving gifts) but it is spending the day lounging around with the parents and just enjoying their company and watching them opening their gifts (which I hope they will like this year!!).

christmas time-saidaonline

Christmas Market
The Christmas Market with us is always on top form every year. They place sheds all around the Cardiff area and local artists and designers and brands have a chance to sell their work until Christmas Eve. There are all manner of stalls from soap makers to artists, whilst I was there recently taking images for an upcoming article I had a run in with a very very rude artist, his name I didn’t catch but I shall return tomorrow and retrieve, his work was pretty, shame he himself was an unpleasant gentleman. Regardless of that irrelevant human being the Christmas Market in Cardiff is fantastic and you can get some cute little trinkets. This year there are more stalls than ever and it’s nice to see how many local welsh artists are being supported.


Winter Wonderland
Just like London, Cardiff holds it’s own Winter Wonderland where we have fair ground rides, game booths and of course the famous ice skating rink. I’ve never been a fan of ice skating, I don’t mind watching other people do it but not me, I’ve managed to drill in my head that because I’m quite tall I’ll have further to fall which means it’ll hurt more but children seem to love it. Five year olds are braver than me.


There you have it, my first Fandom Friday! I hope you enjoyed!!


(none of the above images belong to me, if you would like me to remove any of them ask NICELY(!!) and I shall remove them immediately)


5 thoughts on “Fandom Friday – Holiday Recommendations

  1. Are you me? Hahah ! I did the same thing only blog was originally only about photography, but I kept finding my geeky side slipping through. So I shifted to a Geek/Gamer/Parenting/Lifestyle/Photography/Travel blog! I can’t wait to see what else you share! I’m going to follow ya! And really fun list this week!


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