#squadgoals – Celebrating a year of blogging

So today my little blog is turning 1 years old!!! I can’t believe I’ve managed to stick with it over a year!! I’m certainly impressed with myself and even though there is still a long way to go I’m still pretty proud of it!! Keeping to a blog is hard, very hard work and she’s a demanding mistress but if you know what you’re doing and are passionate your work it can open you to soo many opportunities!! To celebrate my year worth of enjoying myself I want to show you my personal favourite social media ladies and thank them, whether it’s their Instagram or their blog, whether they’re an artist, designer or blogger they’ve influenced me some way this year and maybe they can do the same for you too!

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 22.08.19

When I first started reading Stylingo there were two of them but now it’s just one and it’s still as good as ever!!! I love their blog and it’s helped me when learning about SEO and how to optimise my images for search (I’m posting a link so you can read, it’s very easy to follow and works like a dream!). The blog is now run by Claire and she is such a sweetheart!! Funny, pretty and an amazing fun writer. Honestly it’s a funny witty blog and you should definitely give her a follow!

Link to her blog here
Link to Instagram here

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 22.09.25

Holy Camille
Holy Camille is one of my favourite French bloggers!! She has two blogs; one entitled Passion Chateau which focuses on castles and everything grand (I recommend you follow #passionchateau Instagram page, the images are absolutely stunning), as well as her personal blog in which she blog what she wants when she wants!! I need to develop that mindset, when I first started blogging it was for business but now I’m going to do it for enjoyment!! I love blogging and I don’t want that passion to burn out. She blogs quite thoroughly about her topics and they’re always a fun read!!
Favourite posts;

Link to blog here
Link to Instagram here

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 22.10.12

You could say that Lazykat is a blogging veteran or you could say she started blogging before it was mainstream, regardless how you describe it, her blog is amazing!! The fact that she’s continued it since 2008 is something I can admire especially on some days you feel like giving up. Her blog (which used to be called heydickface) is mostly about fashion and her life in general which I’m not going to lie, it’ll turn you green with envy!! From hanging out with Orange is the New Black cast to designing her own sunglasses, Lazykat is living the dream that she deserves after seven (SEVEN!!) years of hard hard work!! I cannot decide on a favourite post since she has soo many so you’ll have to make do with just a link to her blog which is super kawaii!!

Link to Laxykat blog here
Link to Instagram here

 Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 22.11.42

Beibadgirl is an amazing artist and I’m obsessed with her work at the moment. She’s an artist and designer who works in the art department for clothing brand Nikkilipstick. Her kawaii style artwork and body positivity has been praised by many and has caught the attention of Ariana Grande. You can tell by her Instagram that she works incredibly hard and that is an admirable trait. She goes back and forth between Sydney and Tokyo and I’m not lying that I’m slightly jealous. Living in Tokyo as a photographer would be a dream and it might happen one day but not at the moment. One day I would love to see an exhibition of her work, that would be amazing!!!

Follow her Instagram here
Buy her work here

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 22.12.34

Sugarpea is a recent find and I absolutely adore her!! Her blog is just perfection and it’s exactly what I would love to do!! I would love to post my geek stuff on my blog while showcasing my portfolio along with my everyday life but of course you have to be more focused when it comes to a blog so with Sugarpea’s as inspiration I know where I want to take my baby next year. Sugarpea is also a vlogger and I love her videos too. She seems so sweet and kind. I hope you give her a click and a follow!!

Link to her blog here
Link to her Instagram here

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 22.13.14

This girl is horrific!! Annoying, rude with no respect for anyone and I’m obviously joking. Jenni is one of my biffles and even though she isn’t a blogger of sorts, her blog is amazing!!! It’s so 90s it’s overwhelming!!! Jenni is a sweet kind hearted person and is one of my favourite people around!! Please enjoy her blog and give a cyber hug too

Her Tumblr blog here
Her Instagram here

Screen shot 2015-11-11 at 22.14.01

Now if anyone ANYONE needs to start a blog is this lovely lady. Her artwork is amazing and you know when you can see someone has a bright future and you know they’re going to do well in their craft?? Well, Natalie is one of them!! She focuses on manga style and has inspired me to start drawing and learning the craft myself. Hopefully by next I will be buying her work in comic con.

Follow her Instagram here

I thoroughly enjoyed writing this post and it’s been a long time coming. I hope you follow some of these blogs and support them. If you know any other bloggette or artist who deserves a shout out or you think I might be interested please don’t hesitate to tell me as I’m always searching for new found inspo!!

I shall be writing one of these again very very soon



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