Handbag Essentials


I’m going to do that stereotypical fashion/lifestyle blogger post and tell you the contents of my handbag but if you’re like me you’ll have the autumn/winter handbag which will not only include the all-year round basics as well as some much needed winter essentials and then I have my summer handbag which is basically my autumn/winter handbag but with less tissues and gloves and more sun cream and lollipop money! So without further ado, here I present to you the contents of my autumn/winter handbag.

The Bag
The bag itself was a gift from my mother two winter’s ago and I will never get rid of it. It’s my first and only satchel. I don’t really need another one. This one is too perfect for me. Unfortunately due to the material it loses it’s shape quite quickly and sometimes it looks like a massive green neon goop. But I would never trade it. It was during the time I was going through a brief neon phase, I could’ve easily spent all my wages on neon clothing and accessories.  Nowadays it’s all anime, otaku merchandise, kawaii treats and plushies with some baby pink apparel, so this bag provides some nostalgia for me.



My main cosmetics (as in the pieces i use on a daily basis) include my lipstick and rouge, all of which come from Marks and Spencer Autograph collection. I tend to wear plum coloured lipstick since it’s red lipstick is too much for me and it doesn’t look good either. They do say that there is a colour out there for everyone. One that is perfect, Mine is plum. I have to wear rouge due to my paleness, especially during winter. Being pale means I tend to look like the grudge 365 days a year (unless I’m abroad summer time, and then I just burn and look like pink elephant ), so some red rouge on my cheeks means I have that healthy glow on my cheeks and I receive less “You look really ill” comments.

Leopard Print Purse
My wallet/purse is also part of the Marks and Spencer autograph collection and it has served me well. I only carry loose change in my purse because it’s easier to store it there than in my coat pocket. I can rummage in it properly and find the right change rather than having a game of lucky dip with my pockets. I use to store my cards in there too but some of the card pockets in the purse are not big enough. Luckily I received a card holder for my birthday which will make things ten times easier.


Impulse Spray
As a gym junkie, and I use that term lightly I need backup deodorant, just in case I’m a bit whiffy after some training. I think every girl has a backup deodorant, which is usually applied after a hard days work. I went for something that smelt sweet like flower, as some scents from Impulse can be a bit strong. It gives you that reassurance that you smell nice, even if you personally can’t. They can easily break when crushed though


Kawaii Notebook
For me, a notebook for me is an essential part of my handbag or any bag I carry. I don’t venture out without a trusty notebook, reason being is that if I get an idea (whether it be a merchandising layout, a blog post or photography idea for the store, I have my notebook ready for me to jot anything down, just in case I forget. I have different notebooks for different bags, and they never leave my bags either so I’ve managed to get into the habit of writing everything down and carrying it with me at all. I do however need to get into the habit of putting it back in my bag not leaving it in work.


Lip Balm
Like any human being out there, I suffer from cracked lips during the winter season so carrying lip balm with me is just common sense, I se vegan friendly lip balm from Sincerely Miss Dolly who I’ve already posted about here. There lip balm is strawberry flavoured and it’s lovely. I only use two lip balms, the other being the Lush Bubblegum lip balm. Reason being that I would rather use what I already have than accumulating many which will expire (and they do, the Sincerely Miss Dolly lip balm should be used within six months of purchase).

And there you have it, my winter handbag essentials. I hope you enjoyed my post.


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