Indoor outfit post Featuring Topshop

fashion outfit style new look killstar topshop

Even though it’s summertime (and the weather is hot) Wales always has that one or two days when it’s freezing and pouring with rain, not that I’m complaining. Sometimes it’s nice to have a day in, cwtched up in bed wearing your favourite jumper and losing yourself in some romantic manga with your lovely poet friend.


fashion outfit style topshop new  look killstar

On days like this I tend to wear my ‘Genius’ Topshop jumper since it’s so big and comfy. My mother bought this for me while back when she found out about my dyspraxia in University (she thinks she’s hilarious) and I like to pair it up with some red wine coloured leggings from Marks & Spencer (where else?) Indigo brand. As you can see, hair maintenance isn’t necessary when you stay in, and because it’s quite humid as well even when I straighten my fringe it still finds a way to curl around the sides and resemble an old gentleman’s moustache.

 fashion outfit style topshop genius jumper

fashion outfit style topshop genius jumper

Katrin as you can see made an effort for our day in. She is such as well put together madam isn’t she? I love her Kill Star vest and bralette.  I think it’s about time I invested in a bralette, at the moment I’m just living in sports bras day in, day out since their is no point buying lingerie (i have nothing to fill the cups with anyway). I also love her checkered flannel shirt. I’m considering purchasing one myself in Hobos I might make it as one of my August purchases.

fashion style outfit dip dyed hair

fashion outfit style killstar top new look shirt

fashion outfit style killstar top new look shirt

fashion outfit style jewellery topshop

We also got friendship bracelets too ( I know we’re 24 but, seriously, who cares). Kat, Helen (who you shall meet very VERY soon) and I are moving into a new flat on the 1st of July so we all decided to purchase some friendship bracelets (they also got me some because I was having an off day too). I’ve never  had a friendship bracelet bought for me before (sad, I know) so I shall treasure these until I lose them. They didn’t which ones to get so they got me a orange, yellow and red one which are the same colours as Dragon Ball Z (nice they put some thought into it right!) as well as a kawaii pastel one. I didn’t know which one I wanted so I took both. Aren’t they pretty?!

fashion outfit style friendship bracelets

fashion outfit style friendship bracelets

We have also got a purchase too! Not only is Katrin’s phone case adorable but it also glows in the dark. I could spend all day on Blippo since it’s so cheap and free international delivery. They also sell Japanese magazines too! The only place that sells them here is the Japan Centre in London.

fashion outfit style  mobile phone case blippo kawaiii

We’ve also made some new mug purchases too. Katrin’s mug comes from Urban Outfitters while I made my purchase from John Lewis. Suits the summer down to a tee, can’t wait to fill my cup with some refreshing Pimm’s this summer.

fashion style outfit urban outfitters cup

fashion outfit style john lewis cup

fashion outfit style john lewis mug urban outfitters cup

I was spoilt this week too! Dan bought me some comics from his local comic book store!! I received two issues of Harley Quinn who I absolutely adore and some Dragon Ball manga’s. I can’t wait to purchase the whole series!! And I also can’t wait for Dragon Ball Super!!! I’m soo excited!!!


adventure time comics

fashion style outfit topshop new look killstar

When your stuck in the house it’s a necessity to have some Pop Tarts hidden away so you can munch away on a rainy day. We have many flavours new arriving in Cardiff every day and they usually sell them in Tesco. On a day like today we decided to open the s’mores packet and it tasted like magic and rainbows (and also of chocolate and marshmallow).

pop tarts s'mores dessert food porn

pop tarts s'mores dessert food american

fashion style outfit topshop new look killstar

It’s always nice to have a day in now and then. Makes you appreciate the days when you go on an adventure a bit more.


Katrin’s shirt – New Look
Katrin’s top – Killstar
Katrin’s Jewellery – Topshop
Katrin’s cup – Urban Outfitters
My Jumper – Topshop
My leggings – Marks & Spencers
My cup – John lewis


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