New item post featuring Bare Minerals

marks & spencer leopard print coat

A quick little post to show you some new products that I have purchased recently. I hope you like them!!

I have purchased some new lipstick by Bare Minerals. I tend to stick to the colour plum my Autograph but I needed to branch out and find more colours to suit me. I was always told there was only one colour for everyone so imagine I was to find out that I have two colour that work for me; plum and moxie. While plum is dark and closer to the colours brown and red, moxie is a dark shade of pink with a slight hint of red wine colour. I like it though, it’s not too different from plum so you won’t be able to see much of a change in shade but as long as it leaves a mark, and as you can see from Dan’s face it definitely does.

lipstick bare minerals cosmetics


I also purchased a new anorak from, you guessed it, Marks & Spencer. I know a blog a lot on this brand and unfortunately for you guys there is a lot LOT more to come. I promise in the future I will branch out!! I would love to by more clothes from online brands but unfortunately you can never tell if it’s going to fit or not and the return policy is far too complicated fot my simple head to understand. At least with M&S I can try it on there and then!



As soon as I saw this coat I fell in love with it!! I have always since I was primary school loved leopard print and since it’s always raining in Wales it would be stupid not to by an anorak. I love the fact that I can pull it on the sides to show off my waist. It’s a flattering on the figure which isn’t a quality you really for in an anorak so it’s always a plus when it happens. I would tell you all about my peach skinny jeans but that is a post for another time ( and when I say another time, I mean in a day or two.

marks & spencer leopard print coat

marks & spencer leopard print coat

marks & spencer leopard print coat

marks & spencer leopard print coat

Also I decided to invest in a little candle by the company ‘Our Own Candle Company’ which is apparently a major rival company for ‘Yankee Candle’. I got myself the apple pie, cinnamon and vanilla flavour which smells really nice but unfortunately isn’t very strong when lit which is very disappointing. I shall carry on using it but I think I shall stick with Yankee and Lily Flame.

our own candle company apple pie cinnamon and vanilla flavour

I hope you enjoyed my brief post on my new purchases, until next time!!


Lipstick: Bare Minerals
Coat: Marks & Spencer


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