geekedfest 2015

A month or two ago I received a very interesting e-mail enititled Geeked Fest 2015 Press Release’. Intrigued, I opened it right away and it stated, “Please see below the press release for Geeked Fest 2015. I hope you can help in some way?”.

By now the e-mail became interesting, and I had to read on…

“Newport is set to play host to a new film and comic convention this summer.

GeekedFest, which will be hosted at the Newport Leisure Centre on August 8 and 9, is the first of what organisers hope will become an annual event. GeekedFest Ltd was founded by Chris Muscat and Shane Richard Jordan who are from Newport and are passionate about their city.
They want to provide a comic convention that is accessible to families and newcomers and will offer a drooling experience for the hardcore nerds, gamers, geeks of all ages, creeds and guilds.
The event will have a roster full of special guests, including Game of Thrones actors, current and former WWE wrestling stars and authors of classics such as the Return of the Jedi and the Goonies. As well as autographs and picture opportunities there will also be exhibitions showcasing Dr Who props, Star Wars memorabilia and film characters.
GeekedFest will be packed full with market stalls and exhibitors selling everything from costume wear, comics, figurines, unique artwork, retro games, autographs, film memorabilia, and rare confectionery. There will be a dedicated Cosplay area and gaming room with competitions and shows throughout both days.
Co-founder of Geekedfest Chris Muscat said “Geekedfest started with a passion for films and comics and a desire to provide Newport, our city, with something everyone can enjoy. The city is undergoing a major redevelopment and as part of that we wanted to offer an annual event Newport can be proud of.”
“Our aim is to offer our guests an experience they will enjoy and at the same time support our local businesses and charities. We are supporting the Follow Your Dreams, St Davids Foundation Hospice Care and Fibroduck charities to raise awareness and funds for their great causes, with exhibitions dedicated to them on both days.”
For more information and to purchase your tickets visit, or follow the festival on Twitter at @geekedfest.”

geekedfest 2015 harry potter sketch

geekedfest 2015 harley quinn painting

After I read this I knew I wanted to help but how? Would my glowing, powerful presence help them in some way?? There is so much and so little I could do to help. So first way to help: promote! I briefly mentioned it in my previous comic con gifts article (You can read my previous articles here, here and here, spoiler: there is more to come!!). As you can see from the article I’ve already blown it by getting the name wrong (snaps to you Rhi), so attending and buying some awesome gifts was the only rational thought I could think of.

geekedfest 2015 geek is chic clothing

I wasn’t sure if I was able to attend due to the fact I work one weekend a month, fortunately the lady of luck was on my side and not only was I off that weekend (which I’m grateful for) but also my boyfriend/movie buddy/taxi ride was also off that weekend!! Yayy!! So we both attended the first of many (I hope) of Geekedfest!!

geekedfest 2015 icon painting

geekedfest 2015 icons painting

The first thing I want to say about Geekedfest is how relaxing and intimate it was. Of course comic cons are popular and they’re usually very VERY busy. Whilst in the middle of fangirling and geeking out you’re usually knocking into others or trying to squeeze in between Naruto and Luffy and occasionally walk your way around Darth Vader in stilettos, but here, since it was it’s first time being held, it was quiet for a con but I preferred it that way.

geekedfest 2015 geek fashion accessory jewellery

geekedfest 2015 geek fashion accessory jewellery

geekedfest 2015 geek fashion accessory jewellery

Wildcard Clothing
There were many great stalls including one with my favourite people ever from Wildcard Clothing!!! Their always always a pleasure to meet and I always end up buying a new top from them!! My favourite tees theme is Oh Japan! which are Japan inspired themed tees I also got my poster from them which you can see on my Instagram Of course unlike last time I want to go all out with my new top which means some images are coming your way!!! In the meantime please please support the brand as well as it’s shop and designers by clicking the links below:

Facebook: Wildcard clothing
Instagram: Wildcard Clothing
Oh Japan! Big Cartel: Oh Japan!

geekedfest 2015 wildcard clothing

geekedfest 2015 wildcard clothing

Lou Scannon
Another nice surprise was that the guys from Lou Scannon were there!! If you had read my previous comic con posts (again they’re here and here) you would know that I ran out of money before I even saw Lou Scannons and I really wanted to buy some copies and they were so friendly but alas I ran out of money. This time though I managed to snag myself the first six copies which I’m very excited to read. While we were there we had a lovely chat with and they’re so cool and down to Earth, they’re the nicest of people and I would appreciate if you can help them in any way (and by any way I mean purchasing their amazing work) by clicking on any of the links below;

Twitter: @LouScannonUK
Facebook: groups/LouScannonUK

geekedfest 2015 lou scannon comic books

geekedfest 2015 cartoonist art

geekedfest 2015 cartoonist art

geekedfest 2015 aliens tattoo

I’ve seen this stall before and I really liked their jewellery line but back then it was my first comic con and I was really not financially prepared (I never am) so I couldn’t get anything the first time round. HOWEVER… I had enough that I could treat myself to one of their lovely necklaces which you shall see in an upcoming post. Michelle Eve is the designer and you can look at her work by clicking any of the link below;

Facebook: /HMBMjewels
Twitter: @HMBMjewels

geekedfest 2015 HMBM jewellery fashion accessory

geekedfest 2015 HMBM harley quinn jewellery fashion accessory

geekedfest 2015 HMBM gummy bear jewellery fashion accessory

These guys are always pleasant and kind. Lovely to speak to and they always such lovely items to sell based on videgames. They create original artwork from wood and the results are amazing. I posted about one of their items in my last post (the link is above somewhere, I apologise for the amount of link). Here are some more links for you to click on!!

Facebook: /weaponshop
Twitter: @cherryslug
Instagram: @cherryslug
Etsy: /shop/weaponshop

geekedfest 2015 cherryslug art

geekedfest 2015 cherryslug woodwork art

geekedfest 2015 pikachu cherry slug art

Gallifrey Stands Podcast
There was this one stall selling necklaces and other accessories based on the very popular TV series Doctor who, I managed to snag myself some Blue Box Balm where each lip balm has it’s own flavour and named after characters from the cult TV show! My housemate Katrin loves Doctor Who so I might get a little something from them for Christmas. I was also interviewed by them for their podcast which was really exciting!! It comes out every wednesday and you can listen to it on their wesbite. There are many links coming here just so you’re warned:

Dottie’s Charms:
Blue Box Balm:
Facebook: /BlueBoxBalm
Twitter: @BlueBoxBalm

geekedfest 2015 dottie's charms fashion accessory

geekedfest 2015 dotties charms jewellery fashion accessory

geekedfest 2015 dotties charms jewellery fashion accessory

The Darkside Gallery
Now this is a stall that I know I shall purchase from in the future especially for Dan’s Christmas gifts but I have to save up first!! These are hand-done contemporary art pieces and they are amazing!!! I know which one I want to get for Dan for Christmas. Hopefully the link to his website will work soon so I can order it them in the meantime he does have Facebook;

Facebook: /thedarksidegallery

geekedfest 2015 the darkside gallery

geekedfest 2015 the darkside gallery

geekedfest 2015 the darkside gallery

Hope you guys enjoyed my article ( I know it’s a tad long but I developed writers block and spewed anything or any idea that came into mind, and I’m too lazy to delete anything)


geekedfest 2015 figurines

geekedfest 2015 comic books

geekedfest 2015

geekedfest 2015


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