Sweet Review: Welshcakes from Fabulous!

food review fabulous welshcakes

Along the street on Mermaid Quay there is a little shop that specialises in creating different welshcakes called Fabulous and it’s one of my favourite places down Cardiff Bay. Like any welsh child I grew up on my mothers welshcakes and over the course of my 24 years I got taste some amazing, some terrible welshcakes, from cafes to botanical gardens, any place in Wales that has a cafe will sell welshcakes. For those of you who are not familiar with this amazing dessert I shall give you a brief overview.

food review fabulous welshcakes

Welsh cakes or also known as Cacen Gri if your a fluent welsh speaker like me is a dessert created for a longer standing recipe for flatbread that is usually baked on a girdle. It s the adding of flour, sugar and dried fruit but sugar was not added to the recipe for a while since it’s origins in the 19th century. They usually come in a circular shape however some cafes in Cardiff such as Pettigrews (read my review here) try to create specials shapes with their welshcakes (they tend to maje theirs into the shape of a teapot). Welsh cakes are usually covered in caster sugar just to make it that extra but sweet.

food review fabulous welshcakes

As I’ve already mentioned welsh cakes’ most common ingredient is raisins or dried fruit but Fabulous welsh cakes have gone about and beyond and added their own ingredient spin to it. When I went in to make my purchase their flavour of the day was pistachio and rose. Sounds amazing right?! I didn’t eat one of them because I was adamant on getting a variety flavour bag of welsh cakes. The flavours include choc chip welshcakes, which chocolate welshcakes, cranberry welshcakes (I understand it’s dried fruit which the usual ingredient but dried cranberry is a rare ingredient, well for me anyway) and citrus which I very intrigued to try!!

food review fabulous welshcakes choc chip

The choc chip and white chocolate were obviously going to be nice. When has the adding of chocolate to any dessert ever been awful? I do like the fact that the chocolate melted within the welsh cake too, soo delicious! The flavour I really wanted to try was the citrus. I’ve never tasted welshcakes that didn’t contain raisins of sultanas as it’s dried fruit so I really wanted to see if it was just as good, and if I’m honest I preferred the citrus welshcakes to the chocolate ones. Why? Because it was different. It was one of those taste that surprised me and that’s why I preferred it. I mean, they were all equally nice but I didn’t expect to enjoy the citrus flavour as much as I did, and due to that reason I thought it was better than the chocolate flavoured welshcakes. It’s a great feeling when your palette finds a new flavour to enjoy right?!

food review fabulous welshcakes choc chip

I hope you enjoyed my review (well less review more a brief glimpse of me being gluttonous) and I hope this as encouraged you to try some welsh cakes yourself. You don’t have to be welsh to enjoy welshcakes!!

Here are some recipes I’ve found online if you fancy trying some at home:

Jamie Oliver Recipe – Jamie has added cream and strawberries to his welsh cakes which is all when and good (it’s his recipe after all) but I wouldn’t do that. If you want to include strawberry and cream have it with a scone, not a welshcake.

BBC Food Recipes – simple recipe to follow, and they’ve kept to the traditional ingredient and welshcake style. I believe you should try this recipe first until you get it down to a tee and then become more adventurous with your ingredients.

food review fabulous welshcakes raisin

food review fabulous welshcakes raisin

food review fabulous welshcakes raisin

food review fabulous welshcakes orange zest


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