Outfit Post: Introducing my mother!! 

older women fashion top monsoon

I’m more than excited to introduce you to my mother: Helen, the most well dressed lady in Llanelli. As you can see she matches her clothes to her accessories perfectly (I clearly didn’t inherit or learn from the her fashion ways, I just wear what I want when I want). Most of her clothing either comes from Mossies or Marks & Spencer. When I was younger I used to curse my mother for dragging me to M&S, but now that I’m older and wiser I’ve realised that, as my mother suggested that the clothes from Marks were a tiny tiny bit nicer than the clothes from Tammy.

older women fashion shirt peruse

older women fashion earrings accessories accessorize

My mother is 70 years old this year (I know right?!) and she’s decided to celebrate this milestone that she’s going to take dad, Dan and myself on a two week cruise around Europe (exciting eh?!), I’m also planning a month trip to Tokyo next year too, so with the two week cruise, month in Tokyo and trips to London, Amsterdam and maybe New York Comic Con (that is certainly a maybe), I shall be a very busy travel bug next year. So exciting though!!

older women fashion shirt peruse


My mother was my age (maybe a bit older) during the sixties and she looked so pretty!! I’ve seen images of her with long red hair styled like Nancy Sinatra wearing sixties pencil skirt and some cute shoes. A true sixties darling, and as you can see she still dresses well now.

older women fashion accessories necklace

older women fashion accessories shoes

Blue is definitely her colour and it suits her well, my mother is already pale but blue doesn’t drain her as such. It drains me, hell I look like the grudge when I don some light blue. I’m always envious of my mothers accessories. She always finds amazing pieces and I’m positive she has a catalogue memory of every outfit she has because every accessory goes with something she owns. Mam is quite lucky in the sense that a lot of her friends create jewellery and their always sending her pieces. Her friend Jessica does amazing delicate pieces (two of which I received for Christmas which you can see here) and my mother will always help a friend out!!

older women fashion top monsoon

older women fashion accessorise shoes

I love my mother, I mean we all obviously do but I respect mine even if she doesn’t realise it. She fought and beat the shackles of the sexist society we live in and became the first and only (during her time) female manager of British Steel and she gave all that wealth and power to have a little shitling like me, I mean, how can I not be grateful for her.

older women fashion

older women fashion09

I love you mam, and I hope you know that!


Top from Monsoon
Shirt from Peruse (sorry no link)
Earrings from Accessorize
Necklace from Mexico (sorry no link)
Trousers from Laura Ashley
Shoes from Chester (sorry no link)


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