Dan Outfit Post featuring New Look

 fashion outfit new look top

Ahh Dan, my lovely, he’s just sweetness in human form. Always happy always positive. Rhian rage always kicks when someone is rude to him, most of the time I cannot control my temper. He’s spoilt me by driving me to Stratford to spend the night, we shall be heading for London together soon which I’m very excited about!! Dan has been updating his wardrobe lately with some brand new clothing. In these images he’s wearing trousers from Marks & Spencer (see the influence I have?!) and top from New Look. It’s his birthday soon and it’s his first birthday we’re spending together. I don’t know what to buy him yet but a hamper is definitely on the cards!! We both love our food and there is great place in town called Wally’s which sells items from around the world. I might treat him to a premier cinema experience, comfy chairs ultimate food and drink, the whole shebang!! Or treat him to a lovely meal at the restaurant of his choosing (not Five Guys!! He’s had enough of them!).

 fashion outfit marks & spencer trousers new look top

 fashion outfit marks & spencer trousers

I don’t think I’ve ever felt more comfortable in a relationship than I do with Dan and what’s more I’m excited for the future rather than dreading it like i did in the past. It’s always nice to find someone that your compatible with and someone whose mature and who are themselves, not living up to a stage persona they created for themselves.


 fashion outfit marks & spencer cardigan trousers marks and spencer

My parents adore him too!! They always ask after him and usually when they come down they visit him in the store before they come to see me (can you imagine). I do like the fact they’re making an effort, they see how nice he treats me and how he isn’t a massive joke (my mothers words not mine). My parents have already planned my mother’s 70th we’re all going on a cruise next year for two weeks!! I’m very excited, but before then Paris and Ibiza!!


Trousers: Marks & Spencer
Cardigan: Marks & Spencer
T-shirt: New Look

 fashion outfit marks & spencer cardigan


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