Food Review: Taro London

japanese restaurant taro london

When visiting London you will see a ton of Japanese style restaurants. You will see so many that you will not have a clue which one to pick. My plan is to visit them all, one by one and immerse myself in their beautiful food. Of course, picking the first one was a difficult choice so I left the decision making to Catrin and since she lives here I thought she would know the best from the worst. We wondered around Soho for a while searching for a particular restaurant that Catrin had visited many months before, she described the food as ‘the best she’s ever eaten’ so of course I was intrigued, yet curious.

We finally found it in the heart of Soho (thank you google maps) and here I begin my post on my first experience of Taro.

japanese restaurant taro london

You have to walk down a flight of stairs to the restaurant which is styled as an East Asian restaurant. It’s incredibly quaint and the atmosphere is calm and relaxing. Picking what I wanted to eat proved difficult as the food looked so tasty so Catrin and I decided to have a main meal each and share some extras. Catrin chose Chicken Katsu Curry as her main meal while I chose the Katsu Don; deep fried pork cooked with fried egg on rice. It looked absolutely scrumptious and also it was out of my comfort zone. I tend to stick to the usual when I dine at my local Japanese Restaurant. It’s usually udon curry noodles or chicken on rice so I decided to venture out (spoiler: I’m glad that I did). For sides we decided on a mixture; we had Salmon Sushi Rolls, Calamares (My favourite!! Yum Yum!!) and some Chicken Gyoza, safe but satisfying side dish.

The sides
The sides are the first to arrive as requested by us and it all looks divine! The calamares looks crisp and tastes absolutely beautiful. Nothing beats crispy calamares!! The sushi rolls are also delicious, not too much salmon but enough for that the flavour dances on your palette however the gyoza’s…

…were the BEST Gyoza’s I have EVER had!! If you ever go to Taro order the Gyoza’s, I promise you will not regret it!! They’re exactly what I imagine gyoza’s to taste like; soft and full of flavour. I’ve demolished plenty of Gyoza’s since then and none of them come near as amazing as the Gyoza’s from Taro. They were soo delicious I had to order more to take home with me!! Next time I visited I might just order four plates of Gyoza’s and another four to take home, trust me, their THAT good.

japanese restaurant taro london  calamares

japanese restaurant taro london  calamares

japanese restaurant taro london  chicken gyoza

japanese restaurant taro london  chicken gyoza

japanese restaurant taro london  sushi rolls


The Main
The main was presented neatly in it’s bento box and looked absolutely scrumptious and as you’ve probably already guessed, it tasted amazing!! Heaven in a tiny box but very filling. I didn’t eat half of it because it was too filling. Luckily they allowed me to take the rest of it home. The meal was slightly dry but luckily there was plenty of soy sauce on the table for me to put on the food. Not going to lie I was slightly envious of Catrin’s udon noodles. I love udon noodles, they’re definitely my favourite type of noodle and fortunately she couldn’t finish her meal either so I took her noodles home with me too (I know, I sound like a greedy pig but luckily for me I’m bulking, not sulking).

japanese restaurant taro london  pork and egg bento box

japanese restaurant taro london  pork and egg bento box

japanese restaurant taro london  pork and egg bento box

japanese restaurant taro london chicken katsu curry

japanese restaurant taro london  udon noodles

Would I return? Damn straight I would. Order myself a plate full of those delicious gyoza’s!! Yummy!!


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