Dan Outfit Post featuring Blue Inc

mens fashion style featuring blue inc and marks and spencer

The lovely lovely Dan is back with some smart new clothing!! Both of us usually dress down or dress in black because of our job uniforms so we always like it when either of us is dressed up or looking smarter than usual. As you’ve seen from my previous post Dan look incredibly handsome and dapper in a men’s suit, even my friends make a point to me on how damn fine he looks.

men's fashion grey shirt from blue inc

men's fashion grey shirt from blue inc

Here Dan has a more casual look which is expected since we are at Botanical Gardens (you’re not going rock up to a place like this wearing a £100+ suit) but he still looks incredible smart. He’s one of those lucky people that can wear whatever colour and still look good, hell if Dan rocked up in a bin bag he would still look nice! We made him try a summer vest on when we were out shopping (for a giggle) and to our surprise he looked great in it.

men's fashion marks and spencer trousers

We’re currently going to start looking for clothing for him to take to Ibiza in September which I’m very excited about!! I’m photographing my first abroad and gay wedding out there which I hope will benefit my wedding portfolio (I don’t see why it wouldn’t). I’m looking forward to Ibiza because I’ve never been before. The only worry I have is the clubbing scene. At 24 I should be getting legless and clubbing till I can see stars however my weight and training are slightly more important and also I don’t see the point of wasting £45 on a night out just to throw it all back up again the next day, I mean who would enjoy that??

men's fashion marks and spencer trousers

men's fashion brown shoes from blue inc

Back to the garden…

I was very excited about taking Dan to the Botanical Gardens. It’s my heaven at home. I could spend all day there taking photos of pretty flowers and drawing them in my sketchbook. Unfortunately for Dan (but fortunately in terms of image taking) it was very cloudy and grey with a little trickle of rain here and there. The big disappointment for me was the fact that not much was in bloom. Of course I’m planning to return in the summer to work on more images for my portfolio and hopefully then more flowers will be in bloom. Hopefully Dan will join me too as I want him to enjoy it just as much as me.

Outfit details
Top: Blue Inc
Trousers: Marks & Spencer
Shoes: Blue Inc

men's fashion style featuring marks and spencer


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