Girls Night In Essentials

girls night in essentials

Nothing beats a girly night with your number one gurls, gossiping about work and boy drama, watching weird Japanese films and eat a lot, and I mean, A LOT of junk food! Our gurly nights in are always the same and are always a lot of fun. Katrin, Helen and I will make ourselves comfy on the sofa in our favourite Primark attire, recollect our work days (both Kat and Helen work in HMV while I work in John Lewis) while we fill eachother in on some much needed gossip and then afterwards we cover our faces in some good ol’ fashion face masks (stereotypical I know, but hell it’s a lot of fun!) and delve into our vices. For Katrin that is alcohol (usually Gin, flavoured vodka from Marks and Spencer or Strongbow), for Helen it’s her cigarettes while I indulge my sweet tooth with a girls best friend; Ben & Jerry.

girls night in essentials ben & Jerry's peanut butter ice cream

girls night in essentials ben & Jerry's peanut butter ice cream

Film wise we tend to watch really odd, bizarre films that seem to make their way into my DVD collection. Thus far I made the girls watch;

Ichi the Killer
It’s a dirty shame
Vampire Girls vs Frankenstein Girl
The Eye
How to use guys with secret tips (this is one of the best romantic films I’ve ever EVER seen!! I highly recommend it and it’s perfect for gurly nights in)
Hentai Kamen (this film is about a young boy who turns into a superhero when he wear women’s underwear on his face, it’s so over the top, it magical, and the guy is damn fine!).

What really excites me is the fact we’re all going to living together come July, so we’ll be holding tonnes of these gurly nights in which of course I will document until you get bored. But, until then, here is what we had in our last gurls night in. I hope you enjoy.

Primark PJ’s
You can’t really go wrong with some Primark PJ’s. Extremely comfortable and affordable!! And there are so many different designs to choose from!! Of course in upcoming ‘Gurls Night In’ articles we’ll wear different PJ’s which I cannot wait to take images of!!! But until then, here is Katrin’s PJ’s from our last night in.

girls night in essentials avengers primark shorts

I love the ‘Bite Me’ Burger top!! So cute. It has the Bobs Burgers style drawing to it which is why I like it so much!!

girls night in essentials bite me burger primark vest

Nail Varnish
From Topshop to Chanel, Katrin has enough nail varnish to keep us going for a while. We won’t need to buy new ones for months and months and months. In my old job we weren’t allowed to wear nail varnish which is pretty disheartening but now in my new job which I love and adore I can wear any kind of nail varnish I want. I’m a lucky girl.

girls night in essentials nail varnish

girls night in essentials topshop matte orange nail varnish

A girly night in isn’t a girly night in without snacks! For this night in I chose Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter ice cream. Since cutting sugar out I’ve consuming a lot more peanut butter. It’s the best thing ever so you can imagine my excitement when I found this at my local corner shop.

girls night in essentials snacks

girls night in essentials galaxy caramel chocolate

I personally don’t drink alcohol. It bloats me and to be honest I find that alcohol doesn’t taste as nice as it did during my Uni days so I don’t drink it but the other two do and they always choose flavoured ones. This is what they drank that night.

girls night in essentials flavoured vodka

Chick Flicks
I love watching chick flicks during a girly sleepover. As you can see from the images my favourite chick flick movies vary from the sweet Kamikaze Girls to one of the best and funniest rom coms I’ve ever seen “Petty Romance’. I highly recommend it! So cute!! As well as the queen of rom coms Bridget Jone’s Diary.

girls night in essentials chick flicks

girls night in essentials chick flicks

girls night in essentials chick flicks

I hope you enjoyed my article. There shall be a lot more in the future



4 thoughts on “Girls Night In Essentials

  1. You’re right, a night in is incomplete without Ben & Jerry’s. I think their Half Baked is my favorite flavors, but it seems that i’m always discovering more!


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