Dan’ Birthday 

On 4th June I celebrated Dan’s 30th birthday and luckily the sun was on our side. We met up at half 2 and a quick little sugar fix of a Palma Violet cake which was incredibly sweet. 

Afterwards I treated Dan to a bus tour around Cardiff and since it was so nice and sunny we couldn’t have asked for a better time. There is so much of Cardiff you forget about so I’m glad we did it and found so many new locations to shoot once I move out of the Bay.


For dinner we went to Steak of the Art which serves the nicest of foods all of which are generous portions. We had the meat platter to start  and then for our mains I had pork schnitzel with sweet potato fries while Dan chose the beef. The service and I’m definitely popping in again. They also have themed tables including a Doctor Who theme and a Charlie and the Chocolate theme. They also have an art gallery which you can browse while your dinner is being made.

We would’ve had dessert there but Dan was determined to try the dessert at The Oyster Catcher in Penarth which is called ‘Candymania’. It has four scoops of Vanilla ice cream, four scoops of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce, lashings of whipped cream, Twix, Maltesers and M&M’s. It was sugar overkill and we felt so ill afterwards. We are pigs.

To end the day we strolled hand in hand as the sun set on our beautiful welsh city. A perfect end to a perfect day. 

Hope you enjoyed your birthday Dan.



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