Outfit Post: Introducing Dan

mens suit fashion john lewis

It’s about time I did a post on the man of the hour, my man and best friend Dan. We’ve been together 7 months now and it’s still going strong (touch wood for another seven months). Doesn’t he look smart in his suit!? I’ve told him he needs to wear suits more often, he was turning heads left, right and centre.

So far all I’ve received from people is ‘aren’t you lucky’ and ‘treat him nicely now’ and my personal favourite ‘you’ve found a keeper there’. I hope people are saying the same thing to him. But I completely understand where they’re coming from though, he is a really lovely guy who treats me well. I’m the brute of the relationship if I’m completely honest.

mens suit fashion john lewis

mens suit fashion shoes marks and spencer

The beginning of the relationship took a bit of time, especially since I wanted to remain single. I was finally enjoying independence like I should’ve done in University. I had lost all my university weight, I had given up alcohol and I was taking my photography and blogging seriously, so adjusting to a relationship was very difficult, especially since I wanted to keep and still want to keep some form of independence.

I’ve introduced him to nearly all my friends and they completely adore him, and they see how well he treats me too. He hasn’t met Catrin and Jamie yet so pretty excited about that. You will learn more about Dan (probably) in upcoming posts so I will go straight ahead to the suit.

men's fashion john lewis marks and spencer

mens suit fashion tie john lewis

His suit was purchased from our workplace John Lewis who provide an amazing service when it comes to buying suits. Most of their suits have a modern twist for the 21st century man. I would love to tell you about the new suits that were revealed during the press day but I have to keep slightly quiet, just in case.

I think Dan was trying to channel his inner Mr Grey but he’s too nice for that. Let’s be honest though ladies, nothing beats a man in a suit, there is something about it, so I don’t understand why boys would want to wear trousers that are down to their ankles but I guess fashion separates the boys from the men and tells us who to avoid.

Suit – John Lewis
Shoes: Marks & Spencer


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