What I learnt from Wedding Photography

wedding photography bride getting ready

This post is going to give you five tips that I’ve learnt to make sure you have the best images possible from Wedding Photography. A day or two ago I posted a blog re-counting my tales from my first Wedding Photography job and I decided to share some tips I learnt during my Job

wedding photography bride portrait

wedding photography wedding dress details

wedding photography bride with bridesmaid

wedding photography bride with bridesmaids

1. Make sure everyone can be seen
In the big family images it’s sometimes hard to remember that everyone should be able to see the camera. If you’re nervous like I was, this is something you might forget since your snapping away, wanting to move on to the next bag of images you need to take. Remember, just take your time and make sure the image is perfect and you can see every member of the family. Quality over quantity, every time.

wedding photography father of the bride

wedding photography groom during vows

wedding photography the vows

wedding photography first kiss

2. Make sure everyone is looking at the camera
Do NOT stand in front of a mirror when taking images. The younger members of the wedding might get distracted. Even if you are standing in front of a mirror, make sure that they are focused on you, the photographer. This might mean you have to give orders, as long as you do it in a polite courteous manner it should be fine. If you’re a shy person, wedding photography might be a tad overwhelming at first but you get used to it. The further into the day you go the easier it becomes.

wedding photography bride and groom

wedding photography bride and groom shots

wedding photography bride veil

wedding photography bride with siblings

3. Sunlight is not your friend
I took soo many images in the glaring sun and I wish I hadn’t. Sunlight is a photographers worst nightmare. I could’ve had tonnes of better images if it wasn’t for the sun. To avoid something like this to happen to your images visit the location a day or two before to plan your locations shoots before hand. Then you can find the best location where the sun isn’t shining to take big family photos.

wedding photography bride and groom with family

wedding photography bride and groom with guests

wedding photography bride and groom with children

wedding photography bride and groom confetti

4. Do not be afraid of ‘Bridezilla’
The bride at the wedding, Jess, was jokingly (obviously) by many as ‘Bridezilla’ and that is enough to make any photographer want to run away. At our first meeting, she presented me with 4 pages of notes of exactly what she wanted me to take and at what time I should be in exact locations, the names of all her family member as well as Jon’s and also each little finer details she wanted me to snap. I couldn’t have been more relieved. The fact she was so sweet and nice made everything ten times easier. She knew it was my first gig and was willing to accept that not every image is going to be great! A ‘Bridezilla’ to me is a word to define a bride that knows exactly what she wants and isn’t afraid to tell you. I’m going to be using the notes she gave for every wedding I photograph from now on.

wedding photography bride and groom with family

wedding photography groom welcoming guests

wedding photography bridesmaids in marquee

wedding photography marquee

5. Not all images have to be staged
Personally, my favourite images of the wedding are the ones where I haven’t ordered people around. I love the ones where the bride and groom are pulling faces or just seem to have an actual good time. This is one of those things that I question about photography: do we ever really capture reality of situations? For example you could find an image of yourself and your parents smiling on the beach but you remember your parents arguing the whole time and everyone were either angry or sad, and yet you all smiled in the images. With that knowledge in my mind I made sure to catch some images where there is genuine happiness and nothing is forced.

wedding photography dinner food porn

wedding photography chocolate caramel cake food porn

wedding photography the bride mingling

wedding photography the groom mingling

These are the biggest rules I learnt in my first wedding gig. I will probably learn more in Ibiza where my next wedding is scheduled. Until then I hope you enjoyed my article.

wedding photography bestman's speech

wedding photography toasting the couple

wedding photography hog roast food porn

wedding photography mother of the bride

wedding photography father of the groom


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