Portfolio: My First Wedding #1

This is a first in a trilogy of articles detailing the events of my first Wedding Photography job! I was lucky enouogh to be given the opportunity by my work friend Jessica who was set to wed her beloved fiance (now husband) Jon. Since this was my first wedding and I needed to build my portfolio I gave her some work friend discount (that meaning it was on the house) and in return for trusting me with the biggest day of her life I get some much needed experience, some portfolio work so I can advertising in Wedding Fayre’s as well as practice for another wedding I have in Ibiza in September. So without further a do’ let’s get to it!!

Lavender Wedding Shoes

wedding photography miss dior

Getting Ready
Luckily Jessica knew exactly what she wanted from the images. I’m not lying to you when I say she gave me 4 pages of instructions of what she wanted for each image and who it should involve, not that I’m complaining. If I’m honest, without that list she gave me I would’ve been completely lost. I’ve asked for a copy too so it’ll come handy for future weddings. The first batch of images she wanted was the preparation, as in getting ready. Some images included getting her make up done while other were capturing the finer details of her wedding dress. There were four bridesmaids I needed to take images of as well as the mother of the bride and the father of the bride, all of whom were getting ready in this one hotel room. I’m surprised we didn’t step on eachother’s toes, especially with the two hairdressers there as well.

wedding photography bridesmaids getting ready

wedding photography bride's dress

wedding photography bride with dress

wedding photography bride getting ready

The make up was added first and was done by Jessica’s sister who was an absolute pro at contouring. The bride looked radiant and natural. Such a beautiful bride. The hair had a vintage feel to it and flowed nicely in curly locks all the way down the back. One of the themes of the wedding was vintage so it fitted perfectly. The dress was mermaid style and fitted the bride like a glove. She looked absolutely stunning!! I’ve never seen Jessica look so happy as she did in that dress. Before I could take images of the bride with her clang I had to check out the marquee.wedding photography bride ready

wedding photography bouquet

wedding photography toasting the bride

The Marquee
The Marquee was beautifully decorated and overlooked Cardiff too. Luckily the sun was shining bright and there was not a cloud in the sky so the scenery looked breathtaking. The chairs were decorated with lavender at each end, a simple yet sweet touch. The wedding venue had such good lighting and I took some lovely shots in there. The fact that the area where the service was held was going to change into the dining area fir the wedding but they managed it and the results are amazing!! The images will be in my next article.

wedding photography decoration ideas

wedding photography table decoration

wedding photography marquee

wedding photography marquee dinner

The Food!!
The food was absolutely glorious: from hog roasts to a literal cheese cake (I’m not kidding. It was a cake made entirely of cheese, definitely having that for my wedding), they planned everything perfectly. The cake itself looked (and tasted) beautifully! Kudos to Sarah for making a stunning cake!! There was a layer of vanilla and chocolate to it and the details were perfect down to the last detail. It suited the colour scheme too of lavender and purple. I’ve asked Sarah if I could have the recipe and I cannot wait to try the chocolate version myself at home.

wedding photography chocolate cake

wedding photography cutting the cake

wedding photography cheese cake marks and spencer

wedding photography cheese cake close up

The Speech
My favourite part were the speeches!! The groom’s speech on how they met is just adorable!! Apparently they met on a night out and whilst talking she said to him and I quote “You look like the fat one from Shaun of the Dead”. I was in tears!! Such a blunt Jessica thing to say. The best man’s speech was also hilarious too. When he started describing the stag do I was very impressed. They had a zombie apocalypse themed stag do and the groom had to fight his way through zombies (who were his best male mates as well as his father. Apparently he managed to shoot them all (fair play, there were a load of them) but they got revenge during the speeches (image in next post). The father of the bride speech was also a tear jerker too.

wedding photography cutting the cake

wedding photography celebration speeches

The First Dance
The first dance was so sweet…until they fell and then it was just hilarious. The song that was playing was gorgeous too with a beautiful singing voice too… Had a bit of a surprise when I found out it was Jess singing!! I didn’t know that Jess had an amazing singing voice!! Why she hasn’t promoted it or sent copies to producers I shall never know?!

wedding photography first dance

The Scenery
I have no words to describe the view and scenery from the venue. Even the images don’t do it justice. You can see all of Cardiff and Mumbles and since the weather was on our side it made the view ten times better.

wedding photography bride and groom

wedding photography bride and groom

I would like to say thank you to all the guests for being patient with me during the day. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous (as a matter of fact I don’t think I’ve sweated so much in my life). A big thank you to the bridesmaids for helping me out whenever possible, especially since they had more experience than me. Must have been infuriating to see someone with no clue trying to take images. A big thank you to the staff as well for helping me out whenever possible and of course to the bride and groom for the opportunity to capture their special day (and thank you for the gift card, it shall be spent wisely). Safe to say I’m all prepped for Ibiza now and hopefully I’ll have more wedding bookings too. My fee is £400 for my presence and £200 for the book which compared to most photographers is very VERY reasonable. I shall be there from beginning to end and I shall capture everything you want. Until the offers come rolling in I hope you enjoyed these images. There is plenty more to come in the next few days. Stay tuned…

wedding photography wedding rings


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  1. Congrats on your first wedding photography job.
    Recently I posted an article about the importance of a good wedding photographer from a guest blogger. I think you might be interested in having a look 🙂


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