Outfit Post: Introducing Katrin

fashion post boohoo.com kimono

Right so before I go ahead with this article I need break down the many K/Catrin’s in my life. Catrin with a ‘C’ lives in London, while Katrin with a ‘K’ lives with me right here in the heart of Cardiff!! Katrin and I have known eachother since primary school and all the way to secondary school until we went our separate ways. I headed to Gorseinon College while she went to Coleg Sir Gar. After years and years (total 7 years), she posted an image of the book she was currently reading, ‘I hope they serve beer in hell’ and at the time it seemed like an interesting read (spoiler: it most certainly is not, think try-hard straight boy and you’ll understand) so I messaged her asking if it was any good, she suggested we should meet up so I can borrow the book so we did. Middle middle middle and now we’re finding a house in June. It’s insane how something like a tiny meeting at TGI’s can change your life eh? If you asked me three years ago who would I be living with, to be honest (and I hope Katrin doesn’t mind me saying this) but Katrin was the least likely. Turns out however she is the ULTIMATE perfect housemate and I cannot wait to find a flat in the Bay with a balcony where we can sip Pimm’s and watch the sunset!

jack daniels top

Katrin is one badass poet too!! With a masters in a English and a dissertation that was so well written her tutor still uses it as an example two years after she handed it in, the literary world is Katrin’s oyster!!! And her passion for her work is clear for all to see.

Thanks to Katrin I’ve met many new people and made many new friends; Mike and Helen to name a few and also got me in contact with some old faces too such as Jessica, Leah and Angharad!! She’s been one of the best housemates I’ve ever had, easy to live with and just a positive person to be around.  We’re both already excited about our new house!! Already making plans (spending plans that is) and how we would decorate the house. I’m currently researching about mortgages (You know, that really important piece of life lesson that is considered less important to teach in school than Pythagorus’ theorem) and purchasing my own flat and already we’re deciding on design ideas!!

Katrin’s style is energetic and fun. As you can see from the images below, mixing and matching her clothes are her speciality!! I’m very envious of her bag!! I mean how cool is that?! It was on my Valentine Wishlist post and she found hers in Topshop!! So jealous!!

boohoo.com kimono

river island ring

river island ring

topshop necklace

topshop cherry necklace

topshop bag

I hope you enjoyed my introduction on Katrin!! Here I enclose a poem by the lovely lady herself!

Outfit Details
Top From Friend
Skirt from River Island
Kimono from boohoo.com
Bag from Topshop
Necklace from Topshop
Rings from River Island

Poem #1
“This hot madness
This colossal missing you
bursts across the universe
and I am wasted
consumed by the eternal pingpong of
talk to me
don’t talk to me
I love you still 
weighed down and ghosted by
warm pillow hair photographs half asleep
and when your meat has slipped away
your skeleton is a bare saguaro cactus
stretching out, thin and always.”


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