New Purchases featuring Sugarbones

new purchases

We’re nearing May which means that you, my dear readers shall have the privilege to see what I’ve bought for upcoming shoots, new beauty products I’ve bought and other various crap I’ve wasted my money on for the scorching summer ahead. These are the products I purchased during the April season and vary from plushies to art pieces.

Vegeta Plushie and Luna Cushion
For this past month and a half I have gone through a terrible Dragon Ball Z phase!! My bedroom is absolutely covered in Comic Con buys as well as figurines based on the anime. My favourite character is Vegeta (I’ve always had this thing for anti-heroes) and fell in love with this adorable plushie! How cute is he?! He looks so cute next to chibi moon. I cannot stop cuddling him at the moment. He’s also been joined by a Luna cushion given to me by my friend Jenni for my birthday. So the plan is now to puchase a Mr Piccolo plushie and then my Dragon Ball Z haul is complete. While in terms of Sailor Moon once I get a black lady figurine I’ll feel content with my haul…then I can start hauling new animes!! Still haven’t made a dent in my free! haul yet!

new purchases vegeta plushie and luna pillow

Redbubble Gym Top
While we’re still on the subject of anime merchandise I did purchase one or two new gym tops to encourage my training. I’ve been slowly weaning myself off the gym (gym instructors told me to attend the gym less, bet you haven’t heard that before) but I still need something to encourage me to bulk and not sulk, hence the Dragon Ball Z ‘Training to be Super Saiyan’ gym top from Dragon Balll Z is all about strength training, building muscle and being a complete badass and I will certainly feel that way in this glorious gym vest. There are a few there I still fancy purchasing in time such as the ‘Vegeta Power from Pain’ vest. But, for now I’m happy with my gym gear, a new pair of trainers wouldn’t be bad though…

dragon ball z super saiyan gym vest

dragon ball z super saiyan gym vest

Sugarbones Purchases
Sugarbones is an online store created by Cheyenne Federiconi and it sells the most amazing girl power products. Her ‘Fight Like a Girl‘ series (which is wear I purchased my patch) has many amazing products that show that some of us girls are getting slightly fed up with harassment that 1 in 20 fall victim for around the world. Like it says on the website ‘Fight Like Girl is meant to imply weakness, but some girls don’t play nice”. I purchased the patch because I’m planning on buying a denim vest and sewing some on as patches are a fashion trend at the moment. I’m planning on purchasing the ‘he said ‘make me a sandwich, so I made him a sub‘ patch as well as the ‘Don’t give me a cause to use my claws‘ patch too. My denim vest will be one massive harassment vest. The perfect Girl Gang ensemble. I also purchased a print too since her artwork is so cute and also as it says on the website ‘nobody fucks with the girls from the Mermaid Lagoon’. I’m currently on the hunt for a cute baby pink frame for it so I can put on my bedside table. The Mermaid Lagoon print is currently on sale so get it while there is still stock.

sugarbones purchases

sugarbones mermaid lagoon print

sugarbones no does not mean convince me badge

sugarbones stickers

Belissimo Boutique
I’ve been waiting for this for a while now and it has finally arrived!! Some glitter lipstick from the company Belissimo Boutique who were kind enough to send me some as a sample. It came with cotton buds, glue and some purple glitter. I cannot wait to test it out, write a review and take some images!!

belissimo boutique

belissimo boutique

Jenni’s Birthday Gift
You’ll probably meet Jenni eventually in my Introducing posts but I wanted to quickly show you guys what my favourite uni friend got me for my birthday. Not only did I receive the adorable Luna cushion but also some red glitter nail varnish and a manicure set which is perfect for me since I like to grow my nails until they do resemble actual claws.

red glitter nail varnish

kawaii manicure set

kawaii manicure set

So happy with all these little goodies, until next time my friends



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