Outfit Post: Introducing Abi

“Oh Abi? She’s the girl with the red lipstick.”


That pretty much sums Abi up in a nutshell. A lovely, kind romanticist who make men go weak in the knees just by giving them a flash of her beautiful smile. Abi and I ran in the same circles during the University Days. I don’t really know how we came to talking (not going to lie University first year is a slight blur…as well as the second….and third….) anyway… Abi and I became very very close friends to the point we became housemates in second year (we both shared the attic together, it was our little den). Unfortunately due to unlikely occurrences I had to move out of the house which means having to leave Abi behind which I completely regret. I wish I could’ve taken her with me but I couldn’t. During her time in ‘that house’ Abi moved home and after some long and hard soul searching, she packed her bags and moved to Australia. Yep. She lived there for a whole year and it was torture following her Instagram, looking at all the amazing memories she was creating for herself while I was editing and figuring life out.

Abi was studying to become a filmmaker during our University years. Luckily she has enough experience if she ever wants to fall back into it. She’s currently studying to be a councillor which if I’m honest is right up her street.


Australia was the best thing that ever happened to Abi in my opinion. She came out of her shell and I had never seen her so happy!! Every other image was a smile that could end a war. Once she came back we had to meet up (which of course we did). It’s horrible to think that I’ve only seen her twice since she’s been back from the land down under, especially since she’s been back for a year. We will have to make sure to meet up more in the near future.

During our second meeting we had a lot to catch up on. We talked about everything and anything, from Dan and Alex, to ‘that house’, to our university days as well as reminiscing about our little group which consisted of Abi, Lydia, Ellen, Emma and I and how much fun we had together. I hope sometime in the near future we will all have a nice catch up and laugh about the good ol’ days. 🙂

Abi has always had a mori style way of dressing. Very cute and girly and she is never without her red lipstick. Whenever I think of Abi’s fashion style I think of floral patterns, pretty pink items with dainty accessories and that’s exactly what she wore when she met me for Aunty Joan’s Gallery Opening. My favourite items from her outfit are her watch (see, floral and cute. It’s like the watch was made for Abi!!


Outfit Details
Watch from Olivia Burton
Bag From Urban Outfitters
Dress from Vera Moda
Blazer from River Island


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