Comic con Gifts


Now that you’ve read my Comic Con 2015 article I would like to briefly show you the purchases I made on that glorious day. (I would also like to point out that I realise the event was a month ago but I have so many articles on schedule I had to release it when I could. You could say I’m a month behind on my life on this blog. I’m desperately trying to play catch up with it and trying to keep my posts as recent as possible so please bare with).

I’ve only started taking an interest in jewellery, especially since starting this blog and working in merchandising. So I’m desperately trying to fill my jewellery box with awesome accessories. Earrings are something I haven’t really taken an interest in before since I didn’t want to have my pierced in the first place (my mother wanted me to have them done because and I quote “All the other girls have them”) but saying that I glad I had them because I can purchase super cute earrings like these. They remind me of Catrin’s ‘Gin and Teacups’ tattoo. I shall only wear dangly earrings on special occasions.


Dragon Ball Z Bracelet
I have an awesome Dragon Ball Z haul at the moment. I’ve only started watching it and it’s the best. I’m also watching the TeamFourStar abridged series too and it’s absolutely hilarious with such a strong script. I haven’t stopped watching it; I watch at home, I watch it at the gym, I watch it everywhere. It’s hilarious, so Dragon Ball Z attire is a must! Dan was the one who told me to buy the bracelet and I’m glad he did. I haven’t stopped wearing it on my days off. Such a beautiful vivid orange! If I hook it in the right place it falls straight off my hand so luckily you can attach on other parts of the bracelet! I love it!! So glad I bought it.



Home deco is becoming a big deal for me lately, I want my personality to shine in my living area as well as my style. This pillow is soo pretty as well as the design. I’ll be honest I haven’t watched pokemon since CITV days (is it still on?) so I’m not sure if this is one of the new Pokemon’s or anything but regardless of that it’s still cool!!


Whenever I head to Comic Con I always come back with some tasty sweet snacks. They came in a pack of four and they were all different but they were either milk chocolate or strawberry flavoured. The Apollo Chocolate one was a new one for me. I got myself a keychain with an Apollo Chocolate piece with my Kawaii Box and I was intrigued to try one, and like and sweet treats from Japan, its tasted delicious!


Barbie Bunting
Katrin and I had been discussing decoration for our new flat and bunting was something we were planning on buying. So imagine how happy I was when I found this adorable Barbie bunting. I do love Barbie. I mean, I know it’s a doll and of course a lot of people say she gives off the wrong body image for young girls (not that I remember feeling fat as a child, i just remember getting agitated by how tangled her hair would get) but she can be whatever and that’s the message I remember from Barbie. Barbie was an astronaut before women were allowed to be!! So if any mothers read this teach your daughter that from Barbie she can learn to be whatever she wants to be. If Barbie can do it then your daughter can (went slightly off track sorry guys back to the actual article…) anyway…I love barbie, especially since Most Popular Girls in School arrived so it’s perfect. Luckily, Catrin likes it too!


Batman Female Villain Canvas
How glorious is this?! I’m not gonna lie I bought this in the November Comic con but I’ve never had the chance to show it off. I love it! My mother loves it and she hates anything I buy that is related to comics or anime so, you know, it’s clearly amazing! Harley Quinn is one of my favourite female comic characters around, second to Tank Girl (thank you Jamie) and she looks amazing it in. I love the background as well, makes the girls stand out more. It goes nicely with my Harley Quinn poster Dan got me for my birthday.


Now I was personally looking for some specific posters (yaoi posters to be exact) from one of my favourite yaoi manga artists Sakira so I had too get on my hands and knees (ooh-err) and look through every poster on the floor and believe me when I say it wasn’t an easy task, but the guy running the booth made me an offer: If I was to look after his stall for a minute while he runs an errand I could keep any poster I want and as many posters as I want, soo middle middle middle in the end he came back after 10 minutes, I couldn’t find my poster but I left with six and since it was £10 for each poster all I can say is bargain.


Vegeta Wall Poster
In true Rhian style I have left the best, till last. Lo and behold my Vegeta Wall Poster!! how glorious is he?! As soon as I saw it I bought it. He is my favourite character on the show, followed closely by Mr Piccollo and at the moment I’m purchasing so many stuff with his face on it. I like material it’s printed on too. Looks like it could last a lot longer than a poster printed on paper. I cannot wait to put it up in my new house!


I hope you enjoyed my new article!!


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