Outfit Post: Introducing Jamie

Mod Fashion

I’ve already introduced Catrin to all you lovely readers, and I hope you enjoyed the post but now I think it’s time for the limelight to focus or her lovely other half Jamie!

Jamie and Catrin have been dated for two/three(?)… for a while now and I’ve had the absolute pleasure of meeting him again on my last trip to London. He’s a very sweet young man who makes you feel welcome the moment you walk in to his and Catrin’s humble abode. It was over a year of them dating before I met him and he made me feel right at ease. He dotes on Catrin too, the way he treats is just lovely and they’re still very much love after all these years(?)…all this time.
Plus he’s a hair dresser, which is a plus in my book, I mean that’s free haircut for the biffle obviously! (Cat, if you’re reading this I’m obviously joking, and Jamie if you’re reading this I am most certainly not and I need a trim of the ends and some dark blue dip dye at the ends okay? thanks x). Anyway…

Jamie has his own style which I love! I get immersed in his and Catrin’s style when I’m in London. While I regard my own style as Weeaboo trash meets Marks and Spencer Jamie and Catrin are Mod king and Queen. The Mod style was adopted in the 1960s but it quickly spread outside the British Isles to the United States. It’s a style that is heavily influenced by music with modern artists such as Oasis embracing it as their own. Many artists have gained influence from the style such as the Rolling Stones and The Who being the most well known. The Beatles also adopted the style during their early days even though their music was not exactly popular among mods when they used that style. People were more interested in British Rn’B. Fashion wise the mod style began it’s years when British youths were more likely to spend their money on trendy clothes rather than finances and bills. The first youth-targeting mod stores appeared in Carnaby Street King’s Road District, even today you can see the influence is still there. In Camden, there is a shop dedicated to the style which I recommend everyone to visit because the clothing is retro and there is something to suit everyone, even if you do not associate yourself with this particular style (plus the owner is a very handsome fellow).



His jacket is second hand which I assume is a London thrift store find. If you ever find yourself in London (especially if you find yourself in the Shoreditch area) make sure you visit all the thrift stores to find one-of-a-kind purchases for amazing prices!! Jamie has decorated his vintage leather with some nifty pins. On the left side (his left) you will find a Dead Kennedys badge, Splitting Blood badge as well as a Trojan badge. On the right you will find a The Damned Smash it Up badge, The Clash badge and a Pixies badge. After visiting London I decided to invest in a denim waistcoat which I plan to cover in pins and badges (but that shall be saved for another post).

His accessories (ie. his glasses can be purchased at So High Soho, which, as it turns out is a fancy dress shop. They have some amazing costumes on sale and I highly recommend it. His glasses remind me a lot of Oasis’ Wonderwall and he wears them so well. Not many people can get away with this style of glasses.

His shirt is another thrift store find and it’s looks incredible!! I mean look at it! Such vibrant colours and completely retro, reminds me of the 60’s and 70’s style. Again, not many people can pull this off so kudos to the boy. I mean, I couldn’t.

His trousers are from high street store H&M and they fit him like a glove! I wish I could look as good in skinny jeans but no, I was cursed with a voluptuous hips unfortunately which means buying jeans, skinny or other, is a pain in the arse! They complete his mod style down to the core, well them and the glasses.

His shoes are from the well known brand Doc Martens. You may have guessed it but Catrin and Jamie live in Doc Marten shoes and who can blame them, they’re incredibly comfy (once you break into them of course). They also sell baby boots which I shall purchase as soon as Catrin makes ‘that call’ (she says she doesn’t want children but I don’t believe her). Their children will be dressed head to toe in Doc Marten gear if Aunty Rhian has her way!

Expect to see more of Jamie in future articles!!




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