Spring Outfit


Spring has finally arrived which means ice cream, beach breaks and summer clothing!!! I’ve already started my spring/summer clothes shopping in March (I’m too excited for warm weather, and when you’re a merchandiser and see new Spring clothing coming in you can’t help but be excited). So without any more hesitation, here is my first spring outfit!

My jacket used to belong to my mother when she was my age (as you can see, my mother had exceptionally good taste!!). This is probably my favourite denim piece in my wardrobe, not just because it belonged to my mother but because it’s the perfect summer jacket. It has a very thin material so you don’t sweat buckets in it. I usually take it with me when I go abroad, it comes very handy at nighttime when the weather is cooling slightly. I took it with me to Madrid two years ago and it served me well.



How amazing is my top! For someone who runs a yaoi blog account this was a must have!! I used to read a lot of yaoi when I was 15-18 (and now, who am I trying to kid?!) so I have/I am living the yaoi lifestyle. The top was purchased from my favourite Senpai store Superorange. Superorange has such amazing original designs and it’s incredibly popular (I’ve been wanting the Senpai aesthetic bag for so long for the gym but it’s always been sold out, BOO!!) I bought myself an extra small, praying it would fit and thank god it did!! An absolute perfect fit, can’t put weight on mind you but I’m not planning on doing that any time soon!! I cannot wait to wear my Superorange top when I head to Japan in November!! It sits in my wardrobe next to my ‘Don’t touch me with those fucked up yaoi hands” which I got from Wildcard Clothing.




I really wanted a pair of white jeans for Spring. Blue denim is just too dark and also I’m going through a phase where I’m only interested in baby pink, so buying a pair of white jeans was a safe choice as I would compliment the baby pink a lot more! I got my jeans from River Island which is a safe place for me to buy jeans as they’re the most flattering for my figure. I only buy my jeans from River Island, Topshop and Marks and Spencer. They’re really good fit and are perfect for my pear shape. With jeans I sometimes find that they’re tight on my hips and are way too loose on my stomach and back so once I find a shop that sell good jeans for me I tend to stick to them.


I bought my shoes in Sports Direct. They were having a closing down sale and being the gym beast I am I had to find some bargains and these were definitely a bargain!! £32 down to £6.50!! Not only that, they’re the most comfiest shoes I own!! I didn’t have to break into them at all. They didn’t rub my feet and they have a nice cushion surface which are great since my feet tend to hurt with all the standing up I do in work and the gym, and to top it off, they’re baby pink!! Perfect!



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