Press Day: Boundary Art Gallery Opening

Boundary Art Gallery Opening

On 22nd March I received a phone call from an unknown number. I don’t tend to answer them but they were very persistent so I gave up and answered. To my surprise it was Aunty Joan (a former co-worker from my Brand Centre days) inviting me to the opening of her gallery, and to top it all off I was allowed to take images and write a blog post about it. Obviously, I jumped at the chance. Nothing could stop me from going.




The Gallery opening began at half four and ended at half seven. There were many artists from around the South Wales area along with friends and acquaintances of Joan (or Aunty Joan as we use to call her) and her niece, who at 22, is the creative director of the Gallery. Impressive right? Fresh out of University and already a creative director of her OWN art gallery. Something any artist would aspire too, and of course, impressive to any female in the room. The gallery itself contained mostly fine art pieces from local South Wales artists, most of whom were at the Gallery. What I touched upon was that a few of the pieces had an East Asian Oriental element to them, which I found very touching since Aunty Joan’s roots are from East Asia. As the gallery filled, guests mingled while sipping champagne and clutching to their goody bag while the likes of mozart was playing in the background by a live orchestra (and when I mean mini I mean there was only four them). They chose such perfect songs that seemed to suit the sunny, crisp day we were having down at the Bay.










After Aunty Joan’s niece Cate made her first speech as a creative director, which of course was followed by an uproar of applause, guests made their way into the back room where delicious finger food was served. There was something to suit everyone on the food table. I saved myself for dessert and I’m so glad that I did! For dessert they had a  mixture of macaroons, chocolate brownies, fruit salad and tiny pastry bites. The Vanilla Slices were absolutely gorgeous but that wasn’t all, oh no, they then brought out a pot filled to the brim with strawberries off of which were decorated with either white chocolate, dark chocolate, dark chocolate with sprinkles and plain strawberries. There was something there for everyone. You could also have some authentic Asian too which was absolutely lovely. One thing that stood out to me about the gallery was it’s design.














As you can see from the images below, nature plays a big part in the overall look of the back room. It’s beautiful how the silhouette of the trees looked on the canvas in front of the table. All in all, an excellent gallery that is just going to excel with time, and at the age of 22, Cate has plenty of time to expand and make it her own. You never know she might be the next Saatchi!! i cannot wait to see what the future holds for Boundary Art, I’ll be definitely visiting any time I get a chance, especially since it’s so close and I’m so proud of Aunty Joan. I have so much respect for her and her drive to do what she wants to do, how can you not respect someone like that!? Aunty Joan if you’re reading this I hope you realise just how much myself and Abi respect you and wish you the best.






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