Comic Con Cardiff 2015

Comic Con Cardiff 2015

On March 22nd I attended my favourite Cardiff event: Comic Con!!! It only occurs twice a year and I’m never financially prepared for it. Unlike last year (where I ventured solo) I was joined by Dan and my good friend Katie who you will definitely get to know in upcoming posts). As fun and comfortable as it was to go solo last year (I’ll be honest it’s one of those rare events where you can walk by yourself and you will feel at ease) it was nice to have some company and to share the awesomeness that is Cardiff Comic Con!!

We arrive at 10:45 and the doors are opening at 11:00, we’re already in deep conversation with the people in front of us in the queue. That is one thing I love about Comic Con, you can talk to anyone, start any conversation and they’ll know what you’re talking about, it’s the likemindedness that I enjoy. Sometimes I’ll talk to people about anime and manga but it’s foreign to them so it’s always a pleasure to find people with similar tastes. As soon as the doors open the excitement rushes through the crowd like a mexican wave.

It’s safe to say that I was in heaven. Stalls upon stalls selling everything from figurines, jewellery, independent comic book, Comic Con provides everything I need to satisfy my lust for anything anime or manga related. Some of the stalls were there last year such as Forbidden Planet who obviously would have a stall as well as Geisha Wigs who always sell such beautiful wigs. However there was a ton of new companies that I have never seen before as well as a load of new comic books that need to be known! So I shall now go through some of my favourite stalls at the Cardiff Comic Con.

Comic Con Cardiff 2015

Geisha Wigs
Since I’ve already mentioned them Geisha Wigs always have a stall at Comic Con Cardiff  and it always does very well with female cosplayers. When I use to dabble in Fashion Photography (way before my love of floral photography came to fruition) I had met and photographed many models who worshipped the brand. With my thick eyebrows, circle face and the big trunk I don’t think I would do their wigs any justice! Saying that I do have my eye on one Geisha Wig that looks absolutely beautiful! It’s the Grey Ombre, Dark Grey Silver Ombre Dip Dye Gradient Gothic Lolita Cosplay Wig. I absolutely love the colour but with such big features could I pull such a delicate wig off?!

comic con cardiff 2015 geisha wigs

Jemma Lou Designs
Jemma Lou Designs was one of the cutest stalls at Cardiff Comic Con selling handmade accessories. Founded by Jodi Hauser, Jemma Lou Designs focuses on wedding designs, from clutches to the nitty gritty such as floral pieces for your groom side pocket and custom fabrics where you can choose from hundreds of fabrics to get a personal custom made gift. She states on her website that she loves working one to one with her customers to their personality comes out with each design.

HMBM are custom made jewellery founded by Michelle Eve. The company focuses on accessories such as earrings, necklaces and even cufflinks. Anything unusual is used in their custom designs. All her accessories are adorable!! Most of her pieces focus on well known TV characters such as Hello Kitty and the Cooke Monster as well as some food pieces such as her savoury earrings which I love!!

Pleated Rose
I bought some custom made Barbie bunting from this stall and I cannot wait to put it up in my new flat in July. What I loved about this stall is that they were incredibly friendly and the passion for their work was clear as broad daylight for anyone who came to the stall. Founded by Emma Clearly, Pleated Rose focuses on custom made corsets, costumes and clothing. They were also selling Harry Potter inspired robes which can view on their website. The corsets are made for each individual person which means whenever you buy a corset, no one else will have it which is pretty neat in my book.

comic con cardiff 2015

Hellbound Media
Hellbound Media specialises in small press comics and the editors are Mark Adams and Matt Warner. Their stall also included comics created entirely using Photography which gave me the inspiration to try one out for myself. Their stall had images and art from many different artists including
Their comic books include Shock Value Red which include five twisted tales from the creators of their other comic ‘Mandy and the Monster’.

comic con cardiff 2015 hellbound mediacomic con cardiff 2015 hellbound mediacomic con cardiff 2015 hellbound media

Geek Universe
Geek Universe’s concept is to unleash your inner geek. From what I can gather from their facebook they do their comic con rounds in most places so keep an eye for their stall at a comic con near you! They focus on office supplies, collectibles and imported candy! Yum! At the moment their store is selling movie flyers some recent well known films such as How to train your Dragon and Frozen.

This was such an awesome stall! Framedup focuses on art and gifts with a retro twist. Their stall was tonnes and tonnes of framed lego figurines of well known TV characters such as Father Ted and Darth Vader. There was a lego character for everyone’s taste at the stall. I had my eye on the Harley Quinn framed lego art but I had already spent my money plus I have quite a bit to put on my wall so I need to make sure I have room. Hopefully they will return to the next Comic Con in November.

comic con cardiff 2015 framedup

Stiffs Comics
Again, due to lack of funds I couldn’t purchase one of these awesome comics!! Stiffs Comics is created by Drew Davis, Joe Glass, PJ Montgomery, Gavin Mitchell, Adam Cadwell and Kris Carter. The comic follows the tale of Don Davis and his stoner sidekick monkey Kenny McMonkey as they fight their way through zombies!! Sounds amazing doesn’t it?! There are three editions out so far so please buy a copy. This needs to be out there!!! I hope they’re at the next comic con because I will definitely be buying a copy!!

comic con cardiff stiffs comics

Whichcrafty is created by designer Penny Cash and focuses on handmade jewellry and nick nacks. They create chainmaille, shamballa and paracord items with extra crafties thrown in, just in case.

comic con cardiff 2015 whichcrafty

Sloth Junk
Sloth Junk is another independent company focusing on recycling electronic pieces and turning them into items such as earrings, mobile phone cases and much much more!! Such an awesome idea!! The company was founded by Rosie Jury. One of my favourite pieces is definitely the Gameboy Colour recycled Clock. Reminds me of my first Gameboy!!

The Star Wars pillows are from the company Spicetag who focus on different styles to suit different personalities be it retro style or pop culture. It focuses on different styles and theme that their audience can identify with. I always try and find t-shirts that suit my passion for example when I went through a hardcore Daria phase I had to find something that would show my passion hence my Jane Lane t-shirt and I’m currently going through an awful Dragon Ball Z phase so my room is practically covered with Vegeta Merchandise. Their store has everything from t-shirts and hoodies to living accessories such as pillows.

comic con cardiff 2015

As you can tell I was, again, not financially prepared for Comic Con but then again is anyone ever prepared? But all in all such a lovely day and met some really cool designers and brands that I can hopefully collaborate with in the future!

comic con cardiff 2015comic con cardiff 2015 jellewerycomic con cardiff 2015comic con cardiff 2015


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