Item Post: Topshop Jumper

“Rain rain go away
come back another day
Rain rain go away,
little Rhian wants to play”


(Well I say little).  Cardiff (or Britain in general) has received a mass downpour from the heaven’s all week, so I’ve been staying mostly all week, getting some articles done, wishlisting items I cannot afford and eating the entire content of my fridge and freezer. However, it means it’s jumper season so I don’t need to pack them away just yet (yay!).

I have had this jumper for quite a while but it has served me well. I tend to pair it with a denim shirt and black jeggings and boots but as you can see in this shoot my see-through wellingtons and baggy shorts was the way to go (and the first thing that popped out of my closet).

I would be lying if I said I’m not looking forward to spring/summer. I cannot wait for some much needed vitamin D and nice long walks in the park as well as summer clothes shopping. So many plans are happening at the moment. I shall soon be going to the RHS Flower Show held in Bute Park, Cardiff which I’ve never been to before. For those of you who don’t know before I created this blog and started taking an interest in blogging in general I was pursuing a career as a floral photographer (again, just like blogging, a very hard career to begin unless you’re well known and just like blogging, there is some stiff competition). Floral Photography was and still is my passion and along with my blog I’m still attempting to pursue a career in it. I have a portfolio which 700 image strong and I do believe that some night sell I try my best to add a good 200/250 new images to it a year and I visit my local Botanical garden every season to take images of different flowers. Getting back on track… the RHS Flower Show should be amazing, I hope it’s beautiful and sunny on the day.

Now back to the posts purpose…

I do love a good Topshop jumper, I have three in total. I need to expand my jumper haul into other brands now but this one in particular will always be supreme and favourite!



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