Food Review: Drunch


I love food. I absolutely love food, and for someone who lives entirely on fruit, vegetables, chicken and weetabix 5 days a week I do appreciate when I have a good meal and when I’m on holiday the diet is thrown out the window and I pig out like I used to in the good ol’ days. However, even when I indulge in some high quality food I (occasionally) try to make it healthy, and Drunch in London is known in creating some damn healthy meals with some very naughty desserts to boot.

Drunch describe themselves as a “an exciting boutique eatery and lounge….the only boutique eatery in Mayfair with an Alfresco Shisha Bar and a private ‘living room’… Drunch is a way of life and out ethos is 1.To introduce a new sense of leisure to casual dining in W1. 2. Provide an Eclectic mix of good quality and fresh, healthy and comfort food and 3. To capture your culinary imagination, with food that you tried countless times, but provided with signature Drunch Style and Originality. Drunch is a lifestyle choice, it is actively choosing to go for quality over convenience.” Which, by the way, they do. They’re not talking a load of babble when they say that they choose quality over convenience.

I only saw the main restaurant during the daytime. From the look of their website their busiest period is during the night, when customers dress to the nines enjoy some gorgeous dishes as well as some relaxing shisha. The space is quite small at first glance and I cannot imagine it holding many people, but from the pictures on their website they can hold the odd guest or 20. When I went there for my meal Drunch had no more than 6/7 guests so I assume it comes alive at night time but from Instagram tags (which is where I heard about it) it’s a very popular place, especially their R.I.P Diet cake which, unfortunately wasn’t on the menu when I went (I would be lying if I said that wasn’t the reason I wanted to go, honestly, that cake looks delicious).

Once I’m seated, I get to work and order from the menu. I fancied something healthy to start with knowing full well that I would be having cake too however, my sweet tooth was out in full force on that day so I had the Fresh and light buttermilk pancakes with maple syrup topped with strawberry, bananas and blueberries as my main meal. They have a variety of main meals to suit all taste buds such as Steak salad, which is served medium rare on a bed of rocket cherry tomatoes with parmesan shavings, Scrambled Egg served on a bed of fresh muffins and salmon among other tasty dishes. The buttermilk Pancakes and the Scrambled Egg come under all day dining which they have more options under ‘salad’, ‘appetisers’ and ‘main meal’ with the most expensive meal costing £18.00

With my main meal I also ordered some of their own fruit drink which is especially made for the restaurant. I chose the ‘calm’ drink, which consists of apple, pear and elderflower. Elderflower is my favourite drink flavour so this was a must have for me and it was very refreshing, highly recommended. They have array of flavoured drinks created especially for the restaurant including ‘Refresh’ which consists of Strawberry and Basil Lemonade, ‘Warmer’ which has Apple, Carrot and Ginge and the most intriguing ‘Hang-over’ which has a ‘secret recipe’. Mysterious right? All the drinks cost £3.50


The pancakes were very very sweet. The maple syrup made it taste ten times better though due to the pancakes themselves were well done. I did love the mixture of fruit that came with the pancakes. Let’s be honest you cannot have pancakes with bananas or blueberries. It was one of the healthiest meals I had while I was out there so it really stood out. The food in Drunch is nicely presented on the plate and looks delicious! A part of you doesn’t feel like ruining the perfect sight that’s in front of you. I really struggles choosing which meal to have. It was a toss up between this or the Drunch Alternative English which consists of Scrambled or fried egg (I would’ve chosen scrambled), Merguez sausages, Turkey Rashers, Baked Beans, Hash Browns, Flat Mushroom, Tomato and Toast. I’ll be honest, I wish I had chosen the latter, even though the pancakes were lovely. The reason I wish I chose the other option is because it was overkill in terms of my sweet tooth, and since I already knew I was going to have a dessert, it wasn’t the best choice to make.


The Dessert
For dessert I decided to play it safe, since the dessert I wanted wasn’t in the display case (BOO!!). I chose the Carrot Cake since the other choices were not really to my taste. The other choices included a large macaroon which I really didn’t fancy.
The carrot looked so sweet and tasty, it even had some orange glitter on the icing! Such a nice touch, such a Drunch thing to do. But did it taste good? Yes it did, however it was slightly hard, I’m using to my Carrot Cake being soft and fluffy and because I started off with a sweet meal this made me feel slightly sick. I’m gutted I didn’t get to taste the R.I.P diet cake. I’m not sure if it would have tasted nicer than the Carrot Cake I had but obviously I will return (I will return every trip until I get to taste that cake!).


Overall Opinion
Very tasty and the quality is top notch (they stick to their word which is bonus points in my book) but bad choice of meal on my part. Overkill on the sweet dishes. Next time (because there will definitely be a next time until I get that cake) I will order something a savoury and then have a dessert!

Link to Drunch: You can make reservations here. 


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